You’ve seen them pouring from the passing windows of cars, obscuring the sky from street level and filling the doorways of neighborhoods all over the world, but once you’ve decided you want to join the ranks of the nation’s cloud chasers, there are some basic ideas, type of vape juice, equipment and techniques you need to master the vaping tricks of the trade.

If you’ve heard the term and are wondering what is cloud chasing, it helps to have an understanding of what happens when you use an advanced vape mod. In detail, advanced vapers who created DIY mech mods and low resistance decks wanted a way to show off the capabilities of their ingenuity. As a result, a surge of competitive vaping swept the world, hosting builders from all over the world displaying the maximum vapor clouds possible from powerful mods and sub ohm tanks they had created specifically to achieve the height of vapor density.

These days, vape brands have made it easy for anyone to experience the thrill of puffing on a device optimized for blowing bigger clouds right out of the box. However, there are still some crucial pieces of info you’ll find helpful to get the top performance from your vape juice.

We take a closer look at how cloud chasing has shaped not only the vape mod and sub ohm tank technology used, but the vape juice as well. If you’ve had your head in the clouds, dreaming of making your misty mark on the vape world, this itemized breakdown will be a valuable how-to vape tricks guide for achieving the biggest vape cloud in the room. Hope you’re ready to shroud yourself in massive vape clouds of deliciously scented mystery, welcome to your first class of cloud chasing 101.

Equipment — What Is The Best Mod For Cloud Chasing

Generally, advanced vapers prefer mods with adjustable wattage, this way they can specifically calculate the power surging through their coils to achieve the best vape clouds possible. It doesn’t necessarily require a 300w monster vape mod to get dense vapor. However, the adjustability and customization will help you find a “sweet spot” for the heaviest cloud coverage that still retains its flavor.

Typically, the best vape mod for clouds has at least an 80 to 200-watt range, which will help you bump up your cloud chasing almost instantly. In addition, pairing it with a sub ohm vape tank or a cloud chasing RDA is crucial to ensuring you get a dense nebula of streaming vapor from every inhale. While some users favor unregulated mech mods that function at a constant maximum wattage, it isn’t necessary for the beginner cloud chaser. That said, if you find that the output of your stock vape tank doesn’t perform as well as you’d prefer, an RDA, dripper, or drip deck can instantly boost the performance of your vapor.

To explain, RDAs are rebuildable drip atomizers which utilize a technique of continuously “dripping” vape juice directly on the heating coils. Each is fully customizable and require knowledge of how vaping atomizers work as well as a comfortable working understanding of Ohm’s law to ensure their build is safe to use. Essentially, if the resistance of your coil build does not correspond correctly to the wattage and temperature you’re using, you may be putting yourself in danger of possible injury.

Although RDAs are the considered the best vape for clouds, they aren’t necessary to see a noticeable difference in your vaping. However, adjustable airflow can be key to retain vapor density. As more air is pulled through, it flows and intertwines with the vape cloud, causing it to dissipate slightly. Choosing the best vape tank for clouds will require selecting one that is able to restrict airflow without becoming too warm for comfort.

The ability to chase clouds is made fairly simple with vape starter kits already set up to produce a storm of tasty vapor. It’s best to always follow the specifications and guidelines set by the manufacturer to ensure you get peak vaping performance along with peak vaping safety.

How to Inhale for Cloud Chasing

You may have read about the differences between DL and MTL vaping, and they seem rather similar, but there are some concrete distinctions that separate the two that will help you get better vapor production. MTL, or mouth-to-lung vaping, is a method modeled after smoking where the user draws vapor into their mouth, and then inhales it in two divided steps. Reflexively, the DL or direct lung technique, requires the vaper to draw vapor in a single fluid motion from their device, into their lungs and then out.

Any vape competition pro will tell you the best way to retain vapor density is through DL vaping as there is no time for it to dissipate in separate steps.

Selecting the Best Vape Juice for Clouds

While it may not be at the top of the list for many vapers, choosing the right vape juice for cloud chasing is necessary to produce impressive vapor. Often, the best vape juice for clouds has a high VG or vegetable glycerin percentage. At minimum, the biggest vape cloud production comes from a 70/30 VG/PG blend. However, many favor a 100 VG eliquid which provides the maximum density possible.

Additionally, selecting a lower 3mg-6mg or even nicotine free vape will significantly increase your ability to bump up the concentration of your cloud. It has nothing to do with the vapor itself, but rather your ability to take longer draws without the harshness of a throat hit from higher nicotine levels cutting the inhale short.

In the end, producing a robust vape cloud depends on a range of factors, beside the personal abilities of the vapers themselves. However, having the right equipment for vaping tricks and cloud chasing will certainly help you on your journey through the world of competitive vaping. After all, it isn’t about being the best cloud chaser in the world, it’s about experiencing the optimum possibilities of what the vaping world has to offer and as always, the best way, is the one that helps you to stop chasing clouds and actually catch one.