Vaping Guides — How To Vape Hot Juice
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Vaping Guides

  • What Is the Best Temperature To Vape EJuice? — TC Vaping Optimization

     If you’ve seen a device with adjustable Fahrenheit or Celsius, you know there is a way to dial it in which may leave you wondering what is the best temperature to vape e juice. This may seem like a simple question to answer through experience, there’s science to TC vaping. Chances are if you’ve tried vaping with different types of vape juice, it’s been through a device set by wattage or voltage. Specifically, cig-a-likes, entry level mods such as vape pens are preset to function not by temperature but by power level consistently. However, more advanced box mods and tube mods are offered with a separate regulatory vaping option called TC or temperature control. Essentially, this mode allows users...

  • Chasing the Biggest Vape Cloud — Fundamentals For Cloud Chasers

     You’ve seen them pouring from the passing windows of cars, obscuring the sky from street level and filling the doorways of neighborhoods all over the world, but once you’ve decided you want to join the ranks of the nation’s cloud chasers, there are some basic ideas, type of vape juice, equipment and techniques you need to master the vaping tricks of the trade. If you’ve heard the term and are wondering what is cloud chasing, it helps to have an understanding of what happens when you use an advanced vape mod. In detail, advanced vapers who created DIY mech mods and low resistance decks wanted a way to show off the capabilities of their ingenuity. As a result, a...

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Vaping Guides — How To Vape Hot Juice

While there’s always more than one way to do anything, choosing the best method for you takes research, personal experience and investment. Although this typically requires some spending initially, our vaping guides are here to help you better understand how to vape using mods and other detailed instructional info.

If you have questions about wattage, resistance, coils, cotton or how to fill your tank or device with vape juice, our vaping for beginners guide may point you in the right direction and answer the questions keeping you from making the switch. Hot Juice is more than just the maker of the some of the best eliquids available, we’re a group of vapers who have experienced all the changes and innovations since the start, and we remember what it feels like to be overwhelmed with information. In fact, we try to publish a new vape guide to answer new questions we ourselves didn’t already know.

Hot Juice Vape Guide — Vaping Fundamentals and Advanced Technique

Each guide to vaping we create draws from hands-on experience with our vape juice and flavored CBD vape as well as how to optimize them using your vape pen, vape mod or refillable electronic cigarette. We break down everything you need to know about how your vape juice should taste and how to adjust your devices to improve both flavor and vapor production from your ejuice. Give yourself a confidence boost about your next vape juice purchase with the knowledge to power up your next vaping experience.

Get an instant education on how to get the optimum performance from your equipment in our vape juice guides and expand the possibilities for tasty streams of plentiful vapor from every puff. Explore the well of knowledge in our vape guides and discover ways to improve your vaping experience by getting the perfect ecigs and devices for your needs or using the equipment you already own. Take a look at our vaping guides and get the answers you’ve been searching for.

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