Following the tragic death of Tallmadge D’Elia, vape companies like Smok are warning users about the possible influx of counterfeit vape batteries. While there are plenty of trusted battery manufacturers offering affordably priced products, society is attempting to save money wherever possible, a hidden cost that may have deadly results. Not only that but having a bad battery will result is burned coils that make your ejuice taste horrible!

Exploding vaping batteries are sadly not a new danger, but even more disheartening is the fact that injury and death from a vape battery is entirely preventable. While cheap vape batteries can be an irresistible draw for users looking to cut costs, these cloned batteries can put vapers at serious risk. Surprisingly, batteries for vape mods are among the most affordable items required for electronic cigarettes, and yet, users may still opt to spring for the cheaper battery option and the dangers may be on the rise.

As with most popular consumer products, once a name brand has established a foothold of trust and recognition, smaller manufacturers and sometimes the same factory will produce an off-brand or unbranded option that promises the same performance. When we’re talking about goods made in China, some of the most common items consumers seem happy to purchase knock-offs of are products like, designed hand bags, sunglasses, high-end bicycles and of course, vaping supplies.

Fake Vaping Batteries Aren’t Made With Safety In Mind

While many consumers were scared off from Chinese madedevices and vape juice due to harmful chemicals found in their byproducts and ingredients, battery clones continue to sell widely through websites like eBay and they may be on the rise. Although everyone should have the right to the best ecigarettes and accessories on the market, these unregulated, unverified battery makers sometimes cut production costs in areas such as quality control, which can leave users vulnerable to dangers they aren’t aware of. That said, many of these dangers are preventable using systems put in place by vape battery companies who put safety at the forefront of their business model.

To explain, as waves of clones and counterfeit vape mods flooded the market some years ago, larger vape brands began to implement a coded system for verifying their products as authentic. Essentially, you scratch off a serial number and input it into the vape company website in order to confirm its authenticity. Purchasing products from vape battery manufacturers who offer these extra protections may only cost users a few dollars more, but you truly can’t put a price on health and well-being.

Reputable vaping battery makers understand that they have an image to uphold, while smaller fly-by-night firms are simply trying to turn a quick buck without concern for their customer’s safety. Although you may shave a few bucks off the overall price of your initial investment, the results can cost you your life. It’s important to understand what to look for when choosing batteries for vape mods, as well as storing, transporting and knowing when to replace them.

Vape Battery Safety Fraud Prevention

Lithium ion batteries are used in all kinds of consumer products we use every day, from electric cars to smart phones. So, what’s the difference between keeping your cell phone and a loose vaping battery in your pocket? In essence, the protective case does most of the heavy lifting as far as protecting users.

Large manufacturers such as Apple have encased the battery supply of phones and tablets inside the device itself without allowing users direct access, which can be frustrating when you need to replace them, actually protects you from dangers associated with lithium ion batteries. This type of power supply is widely known for being unstable, however, the key is knowing how to protect yourself. Most vapers recommend keeping replacement batteries in a protective plastic case to ensure they do not come into contact with other items.

In fact, some of the causes of vaping battery accidents were due to the power supply coming into contact with other metal items such as change which bridged the terminal causing it to heat rapidly. Other causes to be aware of are related to the protective plastic coating that responsibly produced vaping batteries are wrapped in for similar protective purposes. Consequently, if you buy a lithium ion battery that is not entirely coated leaving only the terminals exposed, you may be putting yourself in danger.

Any battery that has a frayed plastic coating or isn’t wrapped correctly, leaves users open to accidental overheating and the potential for injury. Understanding how to protect yourself is key to enjoying vaping with confidence. For further reading, you can check out the FDA articleon vape battery safety or contact them directly for advice on products you already own.