Vape News — A Growing Industry In A Changing World
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Vape News

  • Did The DEA Reclassify CBD? — Or Is Big Pharma Granted Special Privileges?

     What began as a day full of promise for vape juice with cbd and cannabis activism quickly turned to confusion about the state of CBD Legality. After big news broke about the likely change to the government’s CBD DEA classification of the compound as a Schedule-1 drug, the potential for big changes to both its accessibility and legal availability with the flick of a pen were in the air. Instead, the law enforcement agency opted to simply reclassify CBD as it relates to a singular product, Epidiolex, which had been approved for consumer use by the Food and Drug Administration back in June. Hopeful industry insiders are pointing toward this decision by the DEA as a harbinger of a...

  • FDA Approves First CBD Product — The Benefits Can No Longer Be Denied

     In a landmark decision by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, the first drug treatment derived from the cannabis family was approved for public consumption. Epidiolex, is an oral solution of cannabidiol created by GW Pharmaceuticals and has been at center of numerous clinical trials whose results prompted the ruling. Being that were a CBD Vape Juice manufacture, this is fascinating news for us. Epidiolex will be made available to those that need it most as a treatment for severe and rare forms of afflictions among other uses. In fact, it is the first drug ever specifically approved for treatment of the rare disease Dravet syndrome which is a genetic condition accompanied by debilitating effects that...

  • San Francisco Bans Flavored Vape Juice

     The city of San Francisco recently passed a local measure effectively creating a vaping ban that outlaws the sale of flavored vape juice products. In the wake of controversy over the prevalent use of the popular Juul Vapor ecig by teen, the Bay Area hub moved to ban vape flavors from retail shelves. With the next session of the Food and Drug Administration set to meet on the topic of electronic cigarettes in 2022, and vapers unsure of whether the topic of a vape flavor ban will be on the table, cities like San Francisco are moving to create protections on a local level. Proposition E, which effectively banned the sale of flavored tobacco and ejuice in the city...

  • Wave of Counterfeit Vape Batteries May Put Vapers at Risk

     Following the tragic death of Tallmadge D’Elia, vape companies like Smok are warning users about the possible influx of counterfeit vape batteries. While there are plenty of trusted battery manufacturers offering affordably priced products, society is attempting to save money wherever possible, a hidden cost that may have deadly results. Not only that but having a bad battery will result is burned coils that make your ejuice taste horrible! Exploding vaping batteries are sadly not a new danger, but even more disheartening is the fact that injury and death from a vape battery is entirely preventable. While cheap vape batteries can be an irresistible draw for users looking to cut costs, these cloned batteries can put vapers at serious...

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Vape News — A Growing Industry In A Changing World

Get all the latest vape news about how changes to regulation may be changing the way you buy eliquid. Find out how innovations in vaping technology and how ejuice is made may be improving your flavored vapor one puff at a time.

We bring the Hot Juice community all the latest vaping news in one convenient location to ensure the top stories about topics like legislation on vaping and government vape juice standards get to you as soon as they break. Discover reports from the day in vaping as we gather information and research from around the world to share the most crucial vape news of the moment with you.  You’ll find the important vape industry announcements and how new tech developments are being adapted to improve the quality of your favorite vape juice flavors.

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Hear about the newest taste sensations in the works from Hot Juice through our vape news hub, be the first to learn about improved vape flavor methods and creation from our vape juice laboratory. We’ll look into the modern shifts in how vape juice and CBD are being used as tools of the future and the results of studies regarding the usage of nicotine and CBD effects. Give yourself direct access to all the important FDA vaping news as reports of their changing regulation is released to the vaping public. You can also stay up to date with what's happening specifically with Hot Juice in our Press section. This is where we will release company news and updates.

Stay on top of what’s happening inside the top vape brands you trust as well as popular manufacturers on the rise with our vaping industry news. Explore the global impacts that vape juice and electronic cigarettes are making on society, the environment and the world at large as we follow the top vaping news stories related to Hot Juice. Make sure you have all the latest information you need to understand the vaping world and the products you use every day when you need to know them, now.

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