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Cereal Vape Juice

Come join us for breakfast! If there is one category of flavors we pride ourselves on, it's our Cereal Vape Juice. Just like you, we also grew up eating bowls upon bowls of all the classic cereal brands. Our goal was to transform these brands into cereal e juice. After months upon months of experimenting with cereal e juice flavors and testing other brand's vape juice, we can confidently say that we make the best cereal ejuice. We hope love all of our flavors as much as we loved creating them for you!

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Cereal Vape Juice — Classic Breakfast Blends

Wake up to cereal vape juice flavors with the sweet sunrise of our outstanding breakfast blends. Serve yourself a heaping bowl of freshly poured milk over delectably sweet cereal e juice. Ease into every morning with one of the best flavors we modeled after the favorites you grew up with.

You’ll find your breakfast nook wherever you vape with these exciting flavors to get you the tasty nourishment you need throughout the day. Why empty an entire box, when you get a prize every time you taste one of these rewarding cereal vape juice. Pour a full tank of savory juice and take the day by storm.

Hotjuice prides itself on trying to mimic some of the most popular cereal brands on the market today. For example, our Bam Bam Crunch flavor is one of the only Fruity Pebbles vape juice flavors that tastes like the cereal. Another great example would be our Cinnamon Toast Crunch vape juice flavor. We really think we nailed this taste down and you'll love it. And let's not forget one of the most popular breakfast favorites that we were able to create, our version of Captain Crunch e juice, Crunch Master.

Best Cereal EJuice Created Accurately 

Whether you still watch cartoons as an adult or not, our flavors are some of the best cereal ejuice you will ever vape. Our flavors are the perfect complement to revisiting your youth whenever you like. Rediscover your glory days with these classic flavors that will instantly transport you to your carefree past. Revisit the sweet memories in every cloud of these blends

Start your vaping future with a satisfying taste of the past in every puff of these authentic flavors. Get the flavors you need to get your day started with each cloud of tasty vapor. Try our flavors for a taste of what the sweet life has in store for your all day vaping.

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