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Welcome to Hot Juice! You finally found us! We hope to introduce to you some of the most incredible vape juice that has ever hit your tank! No matter if you’re a cloud chaser or just someone who made the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping, we have a vape juice flavor for you!

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Vape Juice - A Selection of The Tastiest Vape Flavors

Discover Our Captivating Vape Juice Flavors

Every puff of our tantalizingly tasty juice will give you the flavor of life, how your sweet dreams taste in reality. Hot Juice is much more than a company, we are a community. We hope you love our flavors as much as we love vaping them and creating them for you!

Hot Juice is your new trusted guide on the next expedition into the wild adventures of vaping! Our Products are made with integrity and the meticulous measurement of gold standard ingredients. Our labors of love are about offering you the flavors you’ll love and keep you coming back for more.

Trying our E-Juice For The First Time

Make a trip to the far reaches of the world. Let it whisk you away to the distant flavors of European coffee and pastry blends. Our Italian Mocha Frappe, Cuppoccino Supremo, and Chocolate Mousse Cake flavors blend the rich cultural tastes of vacation escapes in a robust vapor. Journey through a lavish history of perfected flavor from every incredible cloud.

Inhale the mountain mist of the jungles of South America and stumble on the full-bodied flavor of rich cocoa and sweet chocolate blends created by us for you. Lounge on the bright beaches of a tropical island paradise in every puff of our best fruit and virgin alcohol cocktail flavors. Climb the cool, frosty peaks of the Swiss Alps in every puff of our mint, menthol, and chocolate-flavored e-liquid infusions. The possibilities we create are endless.

We just quickly want to acknowledge how cool these descriptions are and give a shout out to our awesome team of writers who help bring our flavors to life on paper! Thank You!

Creating The Best E-Juice Isn't An Easy Process

While you only see 60 different flavors on our website, we actually already created over 350 flavors which we are going to roll out in the next 12 months. Call us crazy but we firmly believe that variety is the spice of life and that is exactly what we want to give our customers.

Before we actually went live with our website we tested over 100 brands and vaped over 500 bottles of juice (let's just say we got a little jittery after doing this, but we did it for you!) and discovered a very strange phenomenon. What we discovered was liquid separation.

In basic terms, the secret is separating flavor compounds from the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. This is why sometimes you might get a puff of tasty juice and sometimes you puff juice that tastes like chemicals. Well, we solved that issue.

Enhancing E-Liquid With Micro-Bubble Flavor Injection

MBFL otherwise known as Micro-Bubble Flavor Injection is a process that the Hot Juice team invented. The process takes the smallest flavor particles and fuses them together with propylene glycol and vegetables creating a very stable vape each and every time.

Vaping is more than just satisfying an urge for a craving, it’s embracing a recreational activity that has several therapeutic benefits. The use of vape juice has enabled an alternative to smoking and is more enjoyable.

A lot of people will choose smoking as a way to calm themselves, but in the process, they are creating a habit that slowly unfolds and reaches a point that is beyond their control, vaping does quite the opposite, it puts the control in the hands of the user.

While the world of nicotine is an area that was originally crafted with the idea of creating addiction, and sinking its hooks in to make money in the last 100 years or so, vaping is a different world entirely. The products crafted in this realm of recreation, items such as e-liquid, all contribute methods to maximize your control over the activity and enable you to fully embrace the experience for what it’s meant to be: a great time.

Vaping is an activity that goes beyond just being a good time, it offers the opportunity for a new experience every time that you do it. With such a variety of different vape juices and e-liquids, it’s completely encouraged to explore and try new things. Don’t just take our word for it, educate yourself and learn about all the great options that are available and figure out what the best e juice flavors are for you.

We Offer Over 60 Incredible Vape Flavors

Vaping is an activity that can open so many windows of comfort, whether you’re a casual vaper or someone who is completely immersed in the world of vaping. There are options to enhance your experience, whether it’s trying a premium vape juice, something that has additional ingredients that add to the calming effect of the activity itself, or whether it’s just a unique e-juice flavor that is really enticing to you.

Maybe you’re someone who loves cereal, the beautiful thing about vaping is that there is no shortage of flavors. Cereal vape juice options such as Fruity Pebbles vape juice and Captain Crunch vape juice are all readily available for you to indulge and give your taste buds a roller coaster ride of satisfaction.

Or perhaps you’re someone who prefers indulging your love for candy without the consequence of calories and you like your vape flavors to be more in line with options such as Bazooka e-juice or Skittles vape juice where calories are not a concern.

The idea here is that there are so many different options, with each being an opportunity to discover what the best e juice is for you based on your personal likes and dislikes. Vaping is about options, it’s about a journey, and it’s something we fully encourage you to explore and experience.

While it’s natural that we, the Hot Juice Vape Company, would be advocates for ourselves, we aren’t going to tell you that you have to buy from us, that simply isn’t good business. While it’s natural to support our brand, even more so, we are advocates to the activity of vaping and encouraging you to have the best experience possible with it.

Sourcing Only The Finest E-Liquid Ingredients

We source only the highest quality ingredients to ensure you get the best flavors with trust and integrity. Our Products are composed of elements and taste combinations rooted in real resources of first-hand experience with first place foundations of flavor.

All of our vape juice flavors are composed of the best quality vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring and nicotine (or with zero nicotine options). We don’t just want your trust as a member of the Hot Juice family, we want to earn it!  Put the fate of your taste buds (loved that line right there) in a brand you can trust with "Made With Pride in California" proudly written and said by us.

We Are The Masters of Making E-Juice

We consider ourselves masters in the field of vaping, e-juices, and other components of this industry, and simply want to steer you correctly in your journey. We were creating these products back before anyone even had a name for them. Yep, that’s right, we started in the industry back in 2005, way before anyone even knew what an Ecig was.

Fast forward to today, our goal is to get you more involved with what we believe in and what we put our name on the line for. Hot Juice provides knowledge in all things vaping and our goal is to keep you constantly informed and having the ability to try new things.

We explore all there is to know about vaping so that we can keep you informed and enticed to try what we consider to be the next new and exciting option. With constant vape flavors being made available, and e-juice options, it can be hard to keep up. Not only that but we like to ensure quality and to explain why cheap e juice is rarely a good option, and why spending a little more to acquire premium vape juice can lead to the difference between a great night or a night of nausea and headaches.

The difference between premium vape juice and cheap e juice is the way the product is produced and the kinds of ingredients that are involved in making it. The problem with cheap e juice is that while the process and ingredients may be cheaper, it leads to the overall product being significantly less in quality and often times will lead you feeling sick when you use it.

The insurance of spending a little bit more to acquire a superior product will lead to better quality e-liquids and will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

One of our top staff flavor blends that are definitely worth checking out is our assortment of Cotton Candy vape juice. We know there are many different types of cotton candy flavors out there but take our word for it and give ours a try because we feel they are absolutely incredible.

While we can encourage what we feel are some of the best e juice options, the best e juice flavors will always be something bound to personal trial and error and discovering what works best for you. Each person is different and has different likes and dislikes for certain flavors. If you are someone that is just getting into vaping we can’t encourage you enough to have a free spirit and wander away from the tobacco blends you enjoyed while smoking. The world of vaping is so much larger than that.

With a variety of e-juices and e-liquids the only thing that will hold you back is yourself. Vaping is about self-exploration that leads to the comfort of relief and delicious flavor. If you need a place to explore some of the best flavor options, then consider checking out the Hot Juice Website, we will do what we can to help.

We Are America’s E-juice Information Hub

Who are we, you ask? We are the Hot Juice Vape Juice Company. Vaping and all things related are our passions. We believe in advocating the art of vaping so that you can be informed and make wise decisions. Our hope is that with everything we share we can make you as passionate about this recreational activity as we are. This begins with acute knowledge of e-juice and factors involving it.

We promise to anyone that keeps in touch with us that we will provide you with the most up to date information in the world of vaping and the e liquids and vape flavors that are becoming available on the market. We love to educate because it helps you learn exactly what vaping is all about and the way to enhance your personal experience.

Some of our current articles touch base on the best e-liquid available, new vape juices coming on the market, vape e juice and what you should know about it, e juice general facts, and the best e juice flavors in our humble opinion. If you want a cloud chaser’s guide, we have it. Have you ever wondered Does Vape Juice Go Bad?

Regardless if you are looking for the latest Vape News or just information, Hot Juice is your one-stop shop for it all. We want to instruct you in such a way that you are able to make decisions about all things vape related to enhance your experience and make it something memorable every time.

We do the research so that you don’t have to. We take the time to be knowledgeable and aware of what is happening in this market so we can steer you toward making great decisions, whether it’s with Hot Juice Vape Juice, or with other providers of vape juices and e-juices. While in theory, these are people that are our competition, we believe more in the advocating of vaping and supporting the activity than making it something of a competition.

We want our brand and quality to speak on its own behalf from your personal experience. The Hot Juice Company supports all brands that encourage vaping because of the beneficial and therapeutic comforts it can bring to just about anyone who is an adult.

Our Passion Is To Create The Best E Juice Flavors For You

The Hot Juice Vape company wants nothing more than to support something it is passionate about and to encourage others to get involved and give vaping a chance. We’ve seen firsthand how the use of e-liquid and vaping juice can significantly improve someone’s day.

We always state that it comes down to a personal journey and the experience of new flavors. We constantly want to encourage blends that we’ve personally tried and enjoyed so we suggest considering the following kinds of e-liquids to get a broad experience on the various vaping juice flavors we sell such as our very popular tobacco e juice and menthol vape juice.

We can’t repeat enough that what one considers to be the best e-juice for them is rarely going to be a universal similarity for everyone.  What matters most, however, is that the e-liquids are made properly with quality ingredients to ensure you are getting everything a vaping experience is meant to be and a variety that is needed to satisfy everyone's personal taste. Try Hot Juice Vape Juice premium blends for a safe choice.

The e-liquid you vape is going to be very relevant to the quality of the vaping experience that you will have. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on the kind of e-liquid you are going to get. Deciding on the best e-liquid for yourself means considering the PG/VG levels, identifying the kinds of nicotine content you need for the vape to be satisfying, and that’s without even the consideration for the kind of flavor that you want to have dancing on your tongue. All of these combined, PG/VG levels, nicotine levels (or zero nicotine), and liquid flavor, are all important factors that together will be the difference between a satisfying vape experience or a dissatisfying one, for each and every vaper's unique taste requirement.

We Make E-Liquids That Create An Incredible Experience for Vapers

A great vaping experience is something that is commonly found just through running the basics; acquiring vape equipment, acquiring e-liquid that generically meets what you are looking for, and proceeding with the act of vaping. Sure, that’s an experience, but here at Hot Juice Vape company, we want you to experience much more than that.

We want to inform you in such a way that we can take this great experience and inflate it into being something much more exciting. Feel free to stop in at the Hot Juice Website to read in-depth about our suggestions, but for the sake of an outline, continue reading.

We believe in helping you achieve everything you are looking to experience when you vape. This means the best e-juice based around your personal standards and preferences, preferably e liquids that are delicious and meet every expectation that you may have. Let’s say that you are looking for something that can help relieve stress or anxiety, we as a company can tell you certain compounds to look for in your vape e juice that will help your vaping experience centralize on exactly that.

Did you know that vaping juice enhanced with specific compounds can give exactly this kind of relief while addressing several other kinds of ailments that people suffer from and wrestle with daily? This is just one example of things that we, the Hot Juice Company, address and inform you of for the sake of supporting our passion.

We want only the best for our customers, whether you personally shop with us or not, the most important factor for us is that we can educate you on your decisions when it comes to making the most of your vaping experience.

If you need some additional suggestions on some flavors to consider there are some very delicious, standard flavors available such as our very popular coffee vape juice category. If there was ever a coffee flavor you wanted to vape, chances are, we have it!

Consider what e-liquids seem most appealing to you and take a chance, be daring. That’s half the fun when you are trying something new. The sky is the limit and the only thing holding you back is your mind, approach everything with open consideration and you never know what enjoyment you may come across.

Finding The Right E-liquid To Help You Make The Switch

Vaping became a very popular alternative in comparison to smoking and for good reason. While there are several smokers who trade in their cigarettes for vape options for the sake of flavors and in-depth smoking options, there are several smokers who moved to vaping for the sake of more control. The usage of e-liquid is something that offers the vaper more control of the nicotine content, flavor, and the overall mixture that they are vaping based on PG/VG levels.

What this means for smokers is that there is an option to get better control over nicotine intake. This means that the use of e-liquid can be done in a very controlled manner and it can be more centralized on enjoying the experience and getting away from the craving that cigarettes leave many people feeling with.

The use of e-juice leaves the person vaping in search of the best e-liquid based on flavor as opposed to simply needing it for the sake of the body’s hunger for nicotine. Granted, this scenario may take time to fully integrate depending on an individual’s addiction to nicotine, what’s being stated is that the foundation for the act of vaping is very different than the foundation for cigarette smokers.

Vaping opens up the doors of opportunity for variety, for the development of preference, and the creation of a new experience being as simple as trying a different flavor or different PG/VG ratio. The exploration of the best e-juice becomes an exciting part of the whole routine because slight changes in what you place in your vape tank can yield such drastically different results. It’s up to one’s personal imagination to explore what ideas/flavors sound best to them.

While smoking became a routine because the body craved it, vaping becomes a routine because of the relaxation it can offer without the urge of horrific cravings. As a matter of fact, we will be covering articles on how vaping can help conquer the craving for nicotine and ways to use vaping to even destroy the urge of smoking. This also leads to a very important thing, and that is the ability of a vaper to gradually decrease the nicotine level in his or her juice.

Vaping is meant to be recreation without the hang-ups and discomfort of the need for nicotine. We support it because it offers recreation in a natural manner that we can get behind and support because we believe in living as comfortably as possible.

We hope that in our advocacy we can receive your support and readership so we can teach you everything we know and to help you experience life to the fullest with vaping. Best of all, we hope we can make you as excited about the world of vaping as we are.

If what we support and discuss can change the way a single person’s day is playing out then what we are doing is rewarding and is in accordance with what we truly care about, you, our readers. Our passion and advocacy are only relevant when it’s getting through and making an impact on all of you. We want to deliver exciting and informative information to keep you coming back for more, so please stay tuned and stay in touch.

Our Staff Helps Us Invent The Best E-Liquid For Our Customers

As a company, we can walk around to our staff members asking them their opinion of the best vape juice. It’s like taking dice and rolling it, the outcome is likely different every time. The universal concept that we all agree on is that vaping offers something for everyone. That it’s an enjoyable recreation that provides comfort and has far more benefits than negative side effects.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that finding the best vape juice for your own personal enjoyment is important, it’s just to say that there is no real way of suggesting and promising you will love something. We all have a different connection with flavors and vape liquid blends based on personal experience, and perhaps even because of personal memories that may be involved with those flavors.

What’s important to really recognize when it comes to finding the perfect vape e-juice is not only the factor of a delicious flavor but the benefits overall that become available when you vape. Were you aware that certain kinds of e-juice flavors and blends of vaping help treat insomnia? Body pains? Anxiety? That vaping can even contribute toward better workouts and muscle recovery? The beautiful thing about vaping is that it’s something that offers remedies in a natural manner for discomforts we may face daily in life.

There is so much information available about what vaping can do for you and it goes far beyond choosing e-liquids based around flavor and loving it for the sake of taste, it comes down to looking inside yourself and asking what are you hoping to achieve when you vape? What things are going on internally that you would love some form of relief from?

If this sounds like information that is enticing to you, then stay in touch with Hot Juice Los Angeles California, because we make it our business to keep you informed and aware of all things related to the benefits of vaping and the options available that we can support and get behind.

We only tell you the things that we personally believe in because we want our opinions to matter and carry weight. Our advocacy and opinion aren’t for the sake of making sales, it’s for the sake of being knowledgeable and providing you with a solid reliable place to get information that you can count on.

On the topic of a few more blends that we can suggest and encourage you to try, feel free to try out our Cherry vape juice flavors. The assortment we have to offer is sure to tantalize your taste buds and make you fall in love with our captivating creations.

As a company, we promise to provide reliable information that can aid you towards making decisions based on vaping that will leave you happy and satisfied. We believe in quality products, reliable information, and supporting things we truly believe in, which will benefit you the best.

Cheap E-Liquids and Why You Should Avoid It

We have stated multiple times that we are advocates for the act of vaping, our most important mission is keeping you informed and capable of making decisions to make your vaping experiences memorable and enjoyable.

It’s important to be aware that cheap vape juice exists on the market and that we can’t encourage you enough to stay away from it. The quality of the product is poor, the ingredients used in it are low quality, and while it may work in a vape tank, the fact is it will likely make you sick.

Think of various products that have knock off options available that sell for a fraction of the price. The quality is significantly less and these products often fall apart. This same concept can be applied to cheap vape juice on the market, the only difference being that you are actually putting this product into your body and that should make it all the more concerning.

These cheaper alternatives can only guarantee the likelihood that you will probably feel sick and nauseous once you have vaped them, and by that time it’s too late. The money has been spent and you might as well have thrown it away. Choosing the right kinds of vape liquid is important, make sure that the vaping fluid you invest in is of proper quality to make sure that your experience can be pleasant and what it’s meant to be.

If you choose to purchase through Hot Juice then we are more than happy to have your business, but our intent is to truly inform you and help you make wise decisions in your vaping journey and experiences. We encourage you, most of all, to keep in touch, follow us, read what we have to say about the market and the new exciting things available, but more than anything, we encourage your independence in making decisions and the exploration of vaping the way that each of us has through our own personal vaping journey.

We want you to experience everything the market offers and to share our passion and love for vaping. Explore our site and the information available. And best of all enjoy! If you made it this far we thank you for taking the time to read through and we hope you become a Hot Juice customer. We look forward to serving you for many years to come!

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