Sony VTC4 18650 2100mAh 30A Battery (10 Pack) Giveaway!

UPDATE: Congrats on Winning to Tasha K - Of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Don't get caught without power again. With the Sony VTC4 18650 battery with a power output of up to 30 amps and rechargeability is the only thing you will need to power yourself up for a happy vaping experience. No wonder it is the top selling battery out there with a ton of knock offs vying for and trying to get a piece of the battery pie. Now the number one rule for absolutely anyone who picks up a vape mod is DO NOT purchase cheaper knock off batteries. You want to vape safe and the answer is a great battery from a great company like the Sony VTC4 18650 battery.


Give yourself the best with a battery that handles at the highest levels under conditions called upon it to run at high capacity for a greater time period. Safety is number one and what we all want is dependability. This dependability comes through knowing a good product from a bad one and choosing a top notch company that produces quality products with rigid standards. The choice for a great power source is the Sony VTC4 18650 battery hands down for your vaping needs.