Juul Starter Kit Giveaway!

UPDATE: Congrats on Winning to Larry W - Of Cleveland Ohio

As the most popular name in vaping on the end of everyone’s lips, Juul has successfully brought ecigarettes into the maintstream. With one of the most sought after products on the market, we wanted to give the Hot Juice community the opportunity to win with our Juul Starter Kit Giveaway.

To celebrate the launch of our newest flavors of delicious Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD vape juice, we’re running a range of contests giving you the opportunity to win a Juul starter kit for nothing. Entering this giveaway is easy, simply fill out the forms and you’re already in the running to win the immensely popular Juul system including four flavor pods and their charging dock designs especially for their vape kit. Experience the most popular starter kit in the world for free when you enroll in this exclusive giveaway from Hot Juice.

When opportunity comes knocking on your front door, make sure you’re home to answer, this is your chance to win a Juul starter pack without spending any money up front. Plus, you have six separate ways to enter the contest which can earn you over 70 chances, increasing the probability of winning! You only have to opt into each social media outlet, each share gets you even more entries, the more your name is in the rotation, the more likely you are to be the one picked.

Juul Kit Giveaway

It may not look like much because it’s so compact and travel friendly, but the Juul is one of the most well-known vapes available all over the country for good reason. You can find the replacement nic salt flavor pods nearly anywhere at all hours of night and the preset, 5% nicotine amount is sure to satisfy any user including those who are switching from full flavored tobacco cigarettes. That said, the time of simply taking people’s word for the Juul’s performance may come to a close as soon as you are picked as the winner of our Juul starter kit giveaway.

Never has there been a better chance to get the top vaping setup without spending any money up front. Your vaping future is laid out right in front of you with this unbelievably valuable giveaway that will help you experience the best that vaping has to offer for free. Choose between incredibly satisfying pod flavors like Virginia Tobacco, Mango, Crème and Mint, a cool menthol vapers just can’t get enough of. It’s the perfect travel vape system that can be plugged in to charge anywhere with its tiny USB charger dock.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the best value in the vaping world, and enter today for your chance to win this outstanding vape setup in our Juul Starter Kit Giveaway. You miss 100% of the chances to win you don’t take advantage of, at least give yourself the chance to win the best selling electronic cigarette on the market simply by filling out the fields in the giveaway window to confirm age verification.

Entry into the Juul kit giveaway doesn’t require any prior purchase, simply fill your name in the blank fields to be eligible for selection as the lucky winner of a brand new Juul in the box*. Giveaway is live September 18th, 2018, you must be of legal vaping age according to laws governing your place of residence. Winners will be announced October 18th, 2018.

*winner pays $5.00 shipping and handling fee