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Sweet Espresso Vape Juice

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Available In 30mL & 100mL Bottles

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Vape Espresso - Sweet Espresso Vape Juice

Flavor Details

This robust blend of rich coffee flavor is infused with creamy notes of fresh milk and sweet cane sugar for an intensely vibrant Sweet Espresso Vape Juice. You weren't accustomed to walking all day, so it was only natural you sat down at the first café you came across. You'd seen incredible sites, museums and artifacts, but nothing could have prepared you for the highlight of your journey. Honestly, you felt obligated to order something but as soon as you smelled coffee it was clear a fresh brewed cup of espresso was exactly what you needed to revitalize you for the journey ahead. You watched as locals filled their cups with cream and cane sugar and figured, they've probably got something figured out. Almost instantly you figured it out too, that sweet, creamy rich steamed coffee vape juice flavor pulsating from your mouth to your hand, suddenly you not only had a burst of energy, but a dose of sweet sustenance as well.

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    Love coffee blends

    Great coffee blend. You taste the milk, the sugar, and of course the coffee.