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Steak Flavored CBD Oil For Pets

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Steak Flavored CBD Oil For Pets – Beefy Choice Cuts

Flavor Details

Our Steak Flavored CBD Oil for pets is a cut above the rest. The taste and smell of this unique blend of choice cow parts was almost considered for our human line of CBD oils, but as with some other things, sometimes our beloved friends get a treat exclusive to them alone.

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Hot Juice
CBD Oil For Pets

Suggested Use

Using our Plastic Safe Dropper inject CBD Oil directly into pets mouth slowly. You may also mix the CBD oil into your pets food.

Doses Based on Pets Weight and CBD Amount
5 to15 Pounds (15mg CBD)Use ½ Dropper (100mL) once daily
15 to 25 LBS (50mg CBD)Use ½ Dropper (100mL) once daily
25 to 50 LBS (100mg CBD)Use ½ Dropper (100mL) once daily
50 to 100 LBS (300mg CBD)½ Dropper (100mL) twice daily
100 to 150 LBS (500mg CBD)½ Dropper (100mL) twice daily
150 to 300 LBS (750mg CBD)½ Dropper (100mL) three times daily

Please note: for larger animals such as Horses weighing above 800 LBS you may use may use (750mg CBD) ½ Dropper (100mL) 6 to 8 times daily.

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Contains Coconuts

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    Happy Paws!

    So my little anxiety-ridden chihuahua Pepe has always been a little high-strung of course. That doesn't sound out of the ordinary, but he recently started pulling out his hair in different parts of his paws/legs. A friend suggested trying CBD oil, and I'm already a CBD vaper and a HJ customer, so I figured why not give it a shot with the 15mg and see how it goes? Well, I don't know what kind of scientists you guys have working at HJ, but that measurement is spot-freaking-on. Hes so chill now!