We welcome the visit of all officials, representatives or researchers working on behalf of the Food and Drug Administration to inspect the Hot Juice website fully. We work tirelessly to adhere to the parameters and guidelines of all government agencies in order to create safe products with integrity to protect our customers and ultimately the general public. Additionally, we do our best to work to improve our company standards and conform to FDA regulations with regards to our production, labeling, packaging and web portal design.

HotJuice.com has integrated age verification safeguards to ensure our products are only available to adults who have reached the legal age for the use of these products in their respective location. It’s important to us that both our products and the manner in which they are offered abides by all FDA specifications from both a legal and ethical perspective. As such, if any aspect or function of this website or the products sold herein do not fully appease the parameters set by your agency, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email at support@hotjuice.com or call 877-835-8423 to speak to a member of the Hot Juice team.

Thank you for taking the time to protect our community,


The Hot Juice Team