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Spearmint CBD Oil

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Available in 60mL Bottles Only

CBD Content Measurements
300mg Bottle5.00mg of CBD Per 1 mL
500mg Bottle8.33mg of CBD Per 1 mL
1000mg Bottle16.67mg of CBD Per 1 mL
2000mg Bottle33.33mg of CBD Per 1 mL
3000mg Bottle50.00mg of CBD Per 1 mL
5000mg Bottle83.33mg of CBD Per 1 mL

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Spearmint CBD Oil – Icy and Cool Mint Oil

Flavor Details

Fans of classic mint chewing gum flavors will do a double-mint take on first taste of our Spearmint CBD Oil. One of our collection of mint inspired oils, this icy cool incarnation will have you checking your breath for ice crystals time and time again.

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Hot Juice

Suggested Use

Take ½ dropper (1.mL) twice daily. Hold under tongue for 30 seconds and swallow.

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Allergen Information

Contains Coconuts

Verified Customer Reviews

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    Hard-headed apparently

    So I’m never taking anything else for sleep ever again. Even with other comments from other customers that say the SAME. EXACT. THING. Before trying it for themselves, only to have their skeptical nature put to rest. I should have known better. Anyway, that’s enough about how much I feel like a big dummy for putting off trying CBD. Literal months I could have had back, feeling just… not hight, but feeling right, I suppose. One decision I -did- make without hesitation of skepticism? This flavor!