Put on your seatbelts and hold on tight because Chris and Mike from the Indoorsmokers YouTube channel just officially reviewed Hot Juice! We sent them a few boxes of samples in the mail about a week ago and crossed our fingers that they would love our vape juice! You’ll just have to watch the video to see what they thought!

Chris has been reviewing vape products on his Indoorsmokers youtube channel for well over 8 years now. Matter of fact, he actually reviewed some Safe Cig products back in 2010. For those of you who don’t know, Jon Deak who is one of the Hot juice Founders was also the founder of a company called Safe Cig. Funny enough, Chris was one of the first youtubers to step up and review those products and now he did a review for Hot Juice.

Indoorsmokers has over 570,000 Subscribers

Chris has built himself quite the following on Indoorsmokers, over 570,000 subscribers to be exact! With help of his trusty sidekick Danielle he has created an impressive catalog of over 1200 videos and accumulated over 100 Million views! its needless to say that when we watched our Hot juice review we were ultra-excited to see what Chris and Mike had to say.

The review samples we sent them included some of our awesome CBD Vape Juice. And Yes, we actually do sell a $400 dollar bottle of juice. Its our 5,000mg Utopia strength CBD. If were not mistaken it’s the most expensive bottle of juice in the world but then again, it’s also the most powerful.

CBD Isolate is not cheap stuff, it can cost upwards of $15,000 dollars for a kilo depending on the quality. But don’t fear the price because we also offer our CBD starting at 250mg for only $59.95. You can always start small and work your way up to a higher dose depending if you need to or not.

Indoorsmokers Youtube Channel Has All The Fun

The first thing you will notice when you watch a Indoorsmokers video is that Chris definitely makes sure the videos are wild, fun and crazy! He is not afraid to speak his mind and most of all he is not afraid to toss around some funny insults.

The other thing you will notice is the hilarious sound effects they use in their videos. Whatever you do, don’t say the word ‘punch’ or you’re going to think Rocky just snuck up behind you and knocked you out!

Regardless of all the rowdy fun they have in their videos, they are one of the most honest Vape Reviewers on YouTube. This is exactly why we sent them samples because if Chris didn’t like our juice then we knew others might not like it either. Luckily, both Chris and Mike loved everything we send them!

If you have about 5 mins, click on the video above and check out their Hot Juice review, we think you will love it. Make sure you also take a moment and subscribe to the Indoorsmokers YouTube channel. Thanks again for the communities support as we continue to strive to make Americas Favorite Vape Juice!