Hot Juice Press Releases — Media Coverage Of Hot Juice
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  • Indoorsmokers — Hot Juice E Liquid Review Video

     Put on your seatbelts and hold on tight because Chris and Mike from the Indoorsmokers YouTube channel just officially reviewed Hot Juice! We sent them a few boxes of samples in the mail about a week ago and crossed our fingers that they would love our vape juice! You’ll just have to watch the video to see what they thought! Chris has been reviewing vape products on his Indoorsmokers youtube channel for well over 8 years now. Matter of fact, he actually reviewed some Safe Cig products back in 2010. For those of you who don’t know, Jon Deak who is one of the Hot juice Founders was also the founder of a company called Safe Cig. Funny enough...

  • Los Angeles Based Vape Juice Company Develops New Tech for Vaping Industry

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1, 2018 /HotJuice.Com/ -- Finding and acquiring good quality e liquids are paramount to a satisfying vape experience. There's no point in using e-cigs with e-juices that lack flavor and consistency. A new Southern California company named Hot Juice aims to solve that by providing a variety of different vape flavors at affordable price points. Hot Juice carries all sorts of e liquids that range from favorite breakfast cereals to mouth-watering pastries and dessert vapes. The wide assortment of flavor profiles Hot Juice carries makes them a very hot commodity amongst religious vapers. If delicious vape flavors are being searched for, that are both high quality and budget-friendly, Hot Juice is usually on the top of the list...

  • Hot Juice — Smoke Free Merit $5,000 Scholarship Award

    Although many college campuses are smoke free spaces, there is still a prevalent connection between the atmosphere of higher learning and smoking. The Hot Juice Smoke Free Merit Scholarship Award is given twice a year to those students either enrolled or accepted to an accredited four-year college or university as a testament to their commitment to a tobacco free future. This biannual endowment is meant to solidify and encourage incoming students’ decisions to remain smoke and tobacco free throughout their scholastic career. Obviously, our commitment to helping the creation of a smoke free future extends beyond this scholarship. However, this academic merit award is meant to serve as a testament to our investment on a personal level in a way...

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Hot Juice Press Releases — Media Coverage Of Hot Juice

If you’re looking for the latest news coverage, press releases and company announcements about Hot Juice this is your source of vaping information. All internal news, new e-juice flavors and info about company expansion or product releases will be available here on our media page. Stay tuned to how Hot Juice is changing the face of vaping.

You’ll find all the relevant media coverage regarding the growth of the Hot Juice brand, prominent coverage of our products by reputable news organizations and product releases organized in one location. Explore how we’re reinventing what the community considers the best vape juice and how we’re setting a new standard for the vaping industry. Discover the latest developments from Hot Juice and follow along as we head into the new age of vaping.

Press About Hot Juice — Vape Juice That’s Making News

Follow along with our press release section for all the top stories related to Hot Juice and how we’re making a positive impact on the vaping world. Find out who’s behind America’s favorite vape juice and what they’re doing to help get the best eliquid flavors into the tanks of vapers all over the world. If it’s part of the process of creating the best premium vape juice products available, you’ll likely hear about it on our press page. Just incase our press releases bore you, you can head over to our misc articles and read about the girl who vapes out of her ears. We don't recommend you try this at home!

Get all the top reports about who’s running Hot Juice and whether our skyrocketing growth is setting new standards for the quality of vape juice the world over directly from our company press release page. We divulge all our biggest developments sweeping Hot Juice HQ and the upcoming products we’re excited to offer the vaping community. Take a look at the top media releases about what’s heading to market before they reach the shelves of your local vape shop.

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