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Mint Pineapple Punch Vape Juice

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Available In 30mL & 100mL Bottles

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Pineapple Vape Juice in Mint Pineapple Punch

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Take time out for yourself any time with this deliciously sweet Pineapple Vape Juice and escape wherever you are. Take a staycation with this blend of fresh pineapple, cranberries and lemon in a sweet fruit punch topped off with fresh mint and sit outside all day sipping your tropical cocktail in the sun. Every puff of this swee vape juice is a refreshing mix tjhat helps you to imagine yourself on the other side of the world near a clear ocean recharging your mind and body.

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  • hot juice verified purchase

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    Best with the worst!

    Well, I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. I have this habit when I find a new company that I'm trying new products from where I'll order a product I think will be the best, and the one I think will be the worst. Mint Pineapple was the one I thought would be the worst (mixing mint with just about anything is a non-starter for me, let alone very distinct fruit tastes). I gotta say though, I'm super impressed by this one. The other one I bought (Kiwiberry Chew) is stupidly good too. Good job hot juice!

  • hot juice verified purchase

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    A delight

    A pineapple minty concoction is the best way of describing this vape juice. Sweet and fruity, with the icy cool of menthol. Sounds like a commercial but it's the best way to explain it!