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Italian Mocha Frappe Vape Juice

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Available In 30mL & 100mL Bottles

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Mocha Frappe Vape Juice - Italian Mocha Frappe

Flavor Details

Our Mocha Frappe Vape Juice is an express train to a faraway flavor destination. If you need an escape from your every day vape juice, fill your tank with a coffee favorite that transports you to a late afternoon in Milan sipping gently on a warm cup of delicious freshly brewed chocolaty coffee. Take a rich, sweet chocolaty puff from this deliciously robust vapor that will take you on vacation on a cloud of coffee-flavored vapor.

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Verified Customer Reviews

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    Great flavor rush

    If you are like me and like the taste of coffee and chocolate then you can’t go wrong with this. Very pure taste, sweet and delicious.

  • hot juice verified purchase

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    Saving me a ton

    I don't have to run to the coffee shop anymore spending six bucks a pop for a fancy drink. This is my new afternoon boost and I don't finish the whole thing in a minute.