You may have seen the viral video of a girl taking a deep pull of eliquid from her hot pink vape mod and making billowing clouds pour out of her ear canal. Her thoughts aren’t clouded with confusion, it’s a real thing and the reason she’s able to do this may surprise you in its simple answer.

While it may seem impossible to transfer inhaled vapor from your mouth or lung cavity into your ear, it doesn’t take a science degree to understand how this is possible. Consider any moment in time where you happened to be at a higher elevation than normal, your ears suddenly feel clogged, pressurized. Often, our remedy is to hold our nose and force air through pressurized passages in the canal.

Now, we may not have entirely understood the mechanics of how this worked, but essentially, moving air from your mouth or lungs and out of your ears is entirely possible and it’s likely you’ve done it before. That said, before you try this, there is a very logical reason for why this young lady is able to propel such a dense vape cloud out of her ears and it has to do with a possible history of ear infections. Yep, you heard that right, infections.

While many of us have a narrow canal which allows excessive fluid to pass from the inner canal of the ear through to the outer ear you keep picking at with your finger, people who get frequent infections are sometimes surgically given a tube to aid with draining. Essentially, they have a tiny opening that allows for more air (and vapor) to escape. When she pushes pressure from the air and vapor in her throat, a larger amount is able to pass through at once.

Is it Safe To Vape Out of Your Ears?

Although there is not conclusive evidence to prove that exhaling vapor through your ears has any specific health hazards, there is always the danger of blowing out your eardrum. Just the application of too much pressure sneezing can rupture them. Additionally, if you enjoy vaping the traditional way it is highly unlikely you will get a kick out of pushing it through your ear canal. It may impress your friends for a moment, but do you really want to be the person in the emergency room explaining that your blew out your eardrum because you tried to blow a vape ring out of the side of your head?

We do not in any way suggest you to try this, you are forcing elements which were never intended to pass through your lungs naturally, into other parts of your body, which can have unintended results. In the interest of safety, ONLY use your vaping devices and ecigarettes as intended to prevent possible hearing loss or other unintended injury. If you want to impress your friends, take up skateboarding or magic, I have a friend who just remembers every joke he ever hears, now that’s truly impressive. Use your best judgement as an adult.

Who knows, the next time you drain water out of your ears after a swim, they may be accompanied by vape juice remnants? Unless you’re a cartoon coyote, we wouldn’t recommend it, and even then, it’s not a good idea, doesn’t that guy deserve a break?