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Gummy Bear CBD Oil

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Available in 60mL Bottles Only

CBD Content Measurements
300mg Bottle5.00mg of CBD Per 1 mL
500mg Bottle8.33mg of CBD Per 1 mL
1000mg Bottle16.67mg of CBD Per 1 mL
2000mg Bottle33.33mg of CBD Per 1 mL
3000mg Bottle50.00mg of CBD Per 1 mL
5000mg Bottle83.33mg of CBD Per 1 mL

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Gummy Bear CBD Oil – Delightful Confectionery Oil

Flavor Details

This Gummy Bear CBD Oil is a favorite of gummy candy lovers for a good reason. Many CBD oils fail to capture the true essence of what makes gummy candy a lifelong choice for sweet-toothed users, but ours tastes exactly like tossing a handful of tiny bears in your mouth.

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Hot Juice

Suggested Use

Take ½ dropper (1.mL) twice daily. Hold under tongue for 30 seconds and swallow.

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Allergen Information

Contains Coconuts

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    Gave up the vape

    I recently decided to give up vaping altogether (regular and CBD) for my health. It was always part of the plan after phasing out tobacco cigs, but I didn't realize just how much I've come to rely on my CBD vape for just general daily anxiety management, so I was about to jump back on that wagon when I noticed Hot Juice now has CBD -OIL- that I can take orally! What a godsend! Surprisingly I don't even need as much as I did when I vaped it. Highly recommend to anyone with a vape exit strategy.