What is the VG/PG ratio of your products?

For our products you can select a ratio of  70PG / 30 VG 0r 70VG / 30PG. For our CBD Vaping Products, they are only available in 70PG / 30 VG.

Does your Products contain diacetyl?

Hot Juice products do not contain the compound diacetyl. Additionally, we routinely conduct testing of our products for chemicals such as: acrolein, acetoin, acetone, acetaldehyde, 2, 3-pantanedione, and diethylene glycol to help protect our customers.

Is it safe to pay for my online purchase with a credit card?

Absolutely, protection of our customers is built into our business model with the same amount of importance as the manufacturing of our products and the functionality of our website. All information transmitted to Hot Juice is meticulously encrypted SSL system to ensure it only reaches our billing, shipping and payment pathway.

How do you ship your products?

Our products ships safely, securely via two affordable, reliable and expedient shipping methods. We ship USPS Priority Mail within the United States only and UPS Next Day Air or UPS Ground for domestic and international orders to get your Products to your door as quickly as possible. Additionally, most orders processed before 4pm Pacific Standard Time will be shipped out the same day it's placed.

How long will it take for my Hot Juice order to reach the delivery destination?

Generally, once we’ve processed your order, put together all your delicious new juices and packed them up ready to be shipped, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a corresponding tracking number as well as a link to check the status of your order in real time. You’ll be able to see updates to the location of your order as it makes its way to you. However, generally shipping in the United States can take anywhere from 1 to 3 Business days depending how on far your delivery destination is from our headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Can I get Hot Juice outside the United States?

Certainly, provided the products we create are legal in your country, state, territory or province, we ship our products via UPS and orders that are processed before 4pm Pacific Standard Time are eligible to ship out the same day they are placed.

How do I cancel my order?

Once an order has been processed, it is likely to be shipped the same day. While we would like to be able to recall orders from the shipping vendor, sadly that is beyond our capabilities at the moment. If you placed a duplicate order by mistake, it is likely we will catch it and either contact you directly to confirm or cancel the double order. However, if you’d like to cancel your order entirely, you can get in touch with our customer support team who will help you work out the next steps. Simply send an email to support@hotjuice.com and we’ll do our best to make sure you get exactly what you want as quickly as possible.

Are minors permitted to access the Hot Juice website?

No. Never. Our products are designed, produced, manufactured and created expressly for adults of legal vaping age for their respective city, state, country, province and territory. While we believe in vaping and its future, it’s more important to us that young people do not gain access to our products or any associated vaping equipment prior to their legal responsibility to consent to choices that affect their well-being. Hot Juice is committed to helping to secure a smoke free future for everyone, but it is equally important that our products does not fall into the hands of children.

Additionally, we recommend storing your Hot Juice products in a safe location beyond the reach of minors to ensure their welfare. Hot Juice does not intentionally gather or solicit personal information from or with regards to minors or any persons under the age of 18 or 21 in applicable states or territories. We will immediately and thoroughly delete any order, transaction, and associated information found to be originating from the use of our site or products by anyone under the legal age for eligibility in their state, country, province or territory or anyone found to be in violation of this Policy.

How is your nicotine content measured for your ejuice?

We endeavor to offer the vaping community a range of effective nicotine dosages to suit all user and their preferred levels. To give users a better idea of how much organically derived liquid nicotine is in each bottle according to the respective amount of e liquid, our ratios are measured in percentages. Hot Juice measures our nicotine in total percentage by volume in increments of 0%, 3%, 11%, 18% and 24%. This is a common scale you may recognize as 0mg, 3mg, 11mg, 18mg and 24mg.

What’s the best way to store Hot Juice products?

Generally, e-liquid should be stored in a cool, dry place that receives minimal sunlight. Factors like exposure to oxygen and light sources won’t change the quality of your juice, however, the flavor may lose its intensity over time due to prolonged dulling from warmth. Additionally, the strength of the nicotine may degrade as well if your e cig juice is not stored properly.

Essentially, there is a fine line between what users consider “steeping” and detrimental effects that can damage the quality or intensity of your juice. The process of steeping can darken your juice due to exposure to air oxidizing the nicotine and darkening it. While this is attractive for many vapers, over steeping may cause it to lose some of the most important attributes.

To prolong the potency of both your flavor and nicotine dosage, it’s best to keep the cap tightly on the bottle as much as possible. Store your bottles, especially unopened or unused products away from direct sources of light such as unshaded windows or skylights and minimize their exposure to continuous warmth.

We also recommend users store their Hot Juice products away from the reach of children and pets to prevent them from gaining access to them.

What are the main ingredients of your e-juice?

All Hot Juice products contain a blend of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) combined with our delicious flavors and nicotine (if desired).  Our flavors themselves take their taste from a blend of natural and artificial origins.

What is VG?

Vegetable Glycerin or VG is a compound found in sugar substitutes and countless consumer items including many we eat every day. VG is an additive generally recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration. It has a thick, robust consistency and adds much of the sweet taste.

Significantly, VG is attributed to producing dense vapor production and liquids with higher vegetable glycerin volume are commonly used for cloud chasing. Vegetable glycerin is also widely used to produce a ‘lung hit’, or fullness when inhaling vapor. The attributes and character make VG an essential additive for the preferences of many users.

What is PG?

Propylene glycol or PG is an additive found in a wide variety of consumer goods such as soft drinks, food dyes and cake mix. It is also generally recognized as safe to use as a direct food product by the FDA. PG is the active ingredient in e cig juice that acts as a kind of binding agent to carry the flavor through your vapor.

Additionally, propylene glycol combined with nicotine is attributed with producing what vapers refer to as the ‘throat hit’, or intensity that creates a sensation at the back of a user’s throat. The actual attributes of PG have a thinner viscosity than VG with very little flavor of its own, lending itself perfectly to deliver the undiluted taste of delicious vapor.


Nicotine is a naturally occurring stimulant found in members of the nightshade plant family such as tobacco, tomatoes, potatoes and most peppers. Though it is largely attributed to being the addictive additive found in cigarettes, some of this is attributed to the pleasing effects it has on humans. While it does have the attributes of a traditional stimulant such as caffeine which is also naturally occurring in coffee and some teas, it also has easing and relaxing effects.


Our Vape Juice flavors take their essence from a blend of natural and artificial origins. They are all combined in our safe and ethical juice laboratory to produce the best tasting vapor available that our users can trust.

Are VG and PG safe to inhale?

While evidence into the effects of prolonged exposure to vaping propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin haven’t yielded any concrete data so far, a study on the respiratory effects of prolonged exposure to commercial fog and smoke machines which often use PG and VG to produce their effects resulted in peripheral symptoms when combined with mineral oil-based fogs inhaled cumulatively over a period of years.

Allergic Reaction To Propylene Glycol  

There is a fraction of the population with a sensitivity or allergy to propylene glycol. Users may experience a range of symptoms including irritation to the throat, headaches, nausea or potentially more extreme allergic reactions. If you experience any adverse effects related to vaping, it’s best to discontinue use of your vape products to determine if any of them including propylene glycol is causing your discomfort.

How much CBD should I vape?

It depends completely on personal preference and need. Some users will vape CBD once a day while others will use it three times a day corresponding to when they require it. Mostly, it’s up to user’s own discretion how effective our CBD is according to its intended purpose. Our CBD delivers a concentrated dose of vapor and should be vaped responsibly. However, our recommendation is that you do not exceed more then 4 puffs of CBD vapor within a 4 hour period.

Is Hot Juice CBD Winterized?

Yes, All Hot Juice CBD products are winterized using the "Supercritical C02 Method” - you can learn more about what is winterized CBD is here

What’s the best wattage to vape CBD?

While our CBD is specifically designed around distributed doses of cannabidiol instead of nicotine, it is recommended that you do not go higher than 22 watts while vaping our CBD.

What is the PG/VG ratio of your CBD?

Our CBD is mixed with a 70/30 blend of propylene glycol/ vegetable glycerin (70PG / 30VG). We do not recommend vaping CBD with a high VG ratio. It can cause throat irritation and also coagulation.

How much THC is in your CBD?

None. Our CBD is extracted from an industrial hemp strain with minimal traces of THC that is refined to produce a 99% pure cannabidiol concentrate.

How much CBD is in a bottle of Hot Juice CBD vape e-liquid?

Our CBD is available in dosages of 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 5000mg. All of our CBD Juice come in 100ml bottles. At Hot Juice it’s important that our customers get exactly what they’re expecting from our products. As a result, we detail what those numbers mean in terms of CBD strength on every bottle.

Why are there small white particles in my CBD?

Don’t worry, these are CBD strands and are completely normal. CBD in high concentrations, has a tendency to crystallize which can appear in white collections of concentrate. It’s perfectly safe to vape as you would normally but shake well first.

My CBD is starting to crystallize in the bottle, what should I do?

Re-crystallization comes with the CBD territory, however, you can re-introduce the crystallized cannabidiol into your juice by shaking it before each use to make sure it is thoroughly distributed throughout the bottle.

What are the ingredients of your CBD Juice?

Our CBD vape juice is made very similarly to our traditional e-liquid redesigned, recalculated and optimized specifically for cannabidiol. Every bottle contains a 70/30 blend of propylene glycol/ vegetable glycerin (70PG / 30VG), natural and artificial flavors, and 99% pure CBD isolate. It’s very simple, we’ve devised formulas for creating the tastiest CBD available with the added bonus of incredibly effective and pleasingly powerful cannabidiol.

Is Your CBD Lab Certified?

Yes, and you can find our CBD lab results here.

Will CBD  impair or affect my motor or brain functions?

No. THC, the active cannabinoid of the marijuana plant that causes adverse effects on our ability to function normally is completely extracted out of our CBD. As a result, you get all the benefits of CBD without the impairment that would prevent you from using it throughout a normal day. Yet another reason why CBD is legal.

Does vaping CBD cause any drug interactions with the medication I’ve been prescribed by a doctor?

For any and all questions regarding use of CBD and how it may affect your health or counteract with other medicine, it’s best to consult your physician before using our products. If you have already started using our products and experience any effect other than expected, you should seek medical attention right away.

Is Hot Juice CBD packaging discreet?

Completely. Our products comes packaged in a blue bubble envelope, USPS Box or UPS Box depending upon your selection of shipping during checkout. The outer packing material has no markings or indication that you are receiving a hemp product of any kind. However, Our shipping labels do have the Hot Juice logo.

If you have any more questions we recommend you check out our Vape Blog which contains many articles with valuable information.

For Immediate concerns or questions you can email us at support@hotjuice.com and one of our customer representatives will respond to you as quickly as possible.