Many vapers have questions about what is in vape juice and how it is made. Comprised of four primary ingredients, it’s valuable to understand what each component of vape juice is made of in order to have a clear idea of what you’re putting in your body with every puff.

E-juice is made of food safe additives combined in a clean laboratory setting to ensure their quality remains optimum. The two main parts that contribute to vaporization and the carrying of flavor are VG or vegetable glycerin and PG or propylene glycol. Each is responsible for separate properties and attributes of vapor relating to flavor, cloud production, sensation and taste.

What Is Vape Juice Made Of? — VG and PG explained

Propylene Glycol is a component of ejuice which is also found in consumer goods like soft drinks, cake mix and food dyes. It is generally considered safe to use by the Food and Drug Administration, which is part of the reason why it’s categorized as a food safe ingredient. PG is the additive that allows the flavoring to be carried through vapor by binding itself to it.

Eliquid with higher propylene glycol content are considered to have a better quality and intensity of flavor. PG is also considered the primary ingredient that contributes to an effective throat hit, or a sensation at the back of the throat when inhaling vapor. It has a thin quality generally, balancing the viscosity of the much thicker vegetable glycerin.

VG is the main ingredient of vape juice associated with producing dense clouds of vapor. Additionally, users attribute what they refer to as a lung hit, or full feeling in the lungs when inhaling their vapor. Vegetable glycerin is also considered safe by the FDA and used in a wide range of consumer goods and food products society eats daily.

Together they created a blended base for the ideal balance of flavorful, dense vapor production. Without VG and PG, flavor and nicotine would not be able to be inhaled, thus making them an integral part of all ejuice. Someday, vape makers may devise another way of creating balanced vapor that integrates nicotine and flavoring without them, but until then, PG and VG are important components of vaping every liquid needs to function.

Nicotine Strengths and Facts — A Big Part of What’s In Vape Juice

Forget what you think you know about nicotine, it’s association with tobacco products is purely based on where it’s sourced. To explain, all members of the nightshade family including tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant and goji berries have some amount of nicotine in them naturally. However, the tobacco plant has by far the highest concentration.

As a result, much of the liquid nicotine sourced for vaping comes from actual tobacco plants to ensure maximum potency. In detail, nicotine exists in nature as a deterrent from natural predators; animals. The toxicity of nicotine in high doses can cause them to feel ill or become fatal. While we think of nicotine as a stimulant that helps us feel relaxed at the same time, nicotine is a compound that should be treated with respect.

Commonly nicotine comes in a range of strengths optimized to appeal to all levels of vapers and former smokers. Often, the lowest dosages start at 3mg (as with Hot Juice) and go up to 24mg or even 36mg for users who need that extra little boost. Many manufacturers offer flavored e juice without nicotine for those who enjoy vape flavor without the stimulant.

This set range is meant to appease the needs of anyone making the switch to vaping and striving towards a smoke free future. While nicotine may be an important factor for those of us who need it, vapers who are interested in cloud chasing, or generating maximum vapor production, favor low to zero milligram nicotine e liquid.

E Liquid Flavoring — The Tasty Side Of What’s In E Juice

While they’re presently in the midst of a pivotal debate about the future of vaping, e-liquid flavors are an integral part of what helped e-cigarettes become so popular. Although they initially started as simply tobacco and menthol tastes designed to help users acclimate to vaping, they evolved to offer complex meals compacted into a delicious vapor. In fact, Hot Juice offers our vape juice in delicious dessert, candy, coffee, cereal, tobacco and menthol flavors.