Generally, every bottle of e juice you buy will have an expiration date printed on it. While this may not be an exact duration for its effective freshness, there are some crucial aspects of e liquid all users should understand in reference to the performance of your vaping products.

Like all food safe products, nothing retains its optimum quality forever and at some point the potency and efficacy begins to degrade. This can be especially true for those that are sensitive to direct light sources, air exposure and drastic temperature changes. Vape juice and CBD eliquid is susceptible to all three, which is why it’s important that all Hot Juice products are stored safely, securely and with minimal impact from the elements.

How Long Does Vape Juice Last? — Getting A Longer Shelf Life

Essentially, flavored e-juice in the bottle is at its maximum efficacy from the point you break the seal on the bottle until roughly eight to twelve months afterward depending on manufacturers standards. While the practice of steeping, or exposing eliquid to air, has become fashionable recently, exposing your e cig juice to an abundance of air can ruin it.  This is why so many companies are offering pre-steeped vape liquid to prevent users from over oxidizing it.

To explain, exposure to air begins the process of oxidation which can cause the nicotine in e-juice to darken. It is believed that this process causes the flavors to become more intense as well as get a stronger, more direct dose of nicotine. However, letting in too much air can cause the strength of your e liquid on the whole to break down.

There is a careful line between steeped and stepped on that users should be wary of crossing with their e-cig juice. While there is no concrete way of determining does vape juice expire, it is clear that the components themselves can lose their intensity over time. An effective way of protecting your vape products from gradual degradation is responsible storage.

Safely Storing E Liquid — Keeping Vape Juice From Expiring

It goes without saying that all vaping products should be kept out of reach of children and pets. However, storing them in a safe place away from direct light sources and intense fluctuations of temperature is also important. While traditional e-juice can lose its ability when exposed to warmth or heat sources, the strength of CBD can fall from exposure to either extreme heat or cold conditions.

Leaving your ejuice in your car overnight or in a garage can wreak havoc on the functions of your vaping liquids. It’s best to store all vape products in a cool, dry place that gets minimal light most of the time. Cabinets and closet shelves are often ideal locations for vape product storage to extend the duration of their active life.

That said, repeatedly removing the cap, filling your devices, and using them when you need to out in the world, will contribute to their gradual breakdown. However, most users average a bottle of e liquid every week or two. Though CBD, can take considerably longer to consumer given the one two three time a day recommended dosage, most users can expect to vape through a bottle before the twelve-month mark.

With all of that in mind, it’s worth mentioning that the vape juice doesn’t go bad, not exactly. Rather, it simply loses its potency and balanced volume of components. While it may not vape exactly as it did the day you opened it, a bottle of vape juice will still function and administer doses of nicotine and CBD. It’s simply not possible to determine how much of each you’ll receive from your liquid past that point.