While the term cheap vape juice may sound enticing initially, what about the possible hidden costs? We take a look at why finding the best cheap ejuice isn’t as simple as picking up a low cost bottle with an exciting label. Find out why searching for cheap vape supplies may have drawbacks you haven’t considered.

The High Cost of Buying Dirt Cheap Vape Products and Juice

At Hot Juice, we try not to use the term cheap in reference to our vape products or anyone else’s. To explain, while cheap can often mean affordable, it has a dangerous double meaning that may refer to the quality of the products themselves. Although our premium ejuice is modestly price, we would never refer to it as cheap because it is made of the highest quality ingredients under tightly controlled conditions.

Essentially, the process for producing Hot Juice eliquid starts with top grade additives, flavors, essence and ingredients that are locally sourced in California, ensuring that every bottle of vape juice we create carries the same level of integrity and consistent care that we would expect in a top shelf vaping product. We hold our vape juice to a higher standard, a level of honorable production that values transparency and protecting the vaping community from the draw of truly cheap vape products.

With this in mind, avoiding cheap eliquid may not be as simple as spending top dollar on your vape juice. In fact, in some cases the most expensive vape juice available, may function and perform more like cheaper ones. The most effective way to find the best cheap vape products that produce the desired outcome is through research. Asking for the experience of others and reading comments by actual users who aren’t trying to sell you anything like the cheap vape juice Reddit forum may give you a solid starting point.

Hunting Down the Best Cheap Vape Juice Products

There really is no substitute for first-hand accounts of product performance to determine what you enjoy and what aspects are valuable to you. While cheap vapes may produce the desired sensations, flavors and vapor production you’re looking for at lower prices, considering the ingredients is crucial to ensuring you get the best cheap vape juice for your needs. Having started with no prior knowledge many years ago myself, I wandered into my local vape shop and bought everything I needed except for vape juice, mostly because I didn’t know enough about it to trust their recommendation without doing personal research.

Eventually, the max VG eliquid I selected was unavailable in brick and mortar vape shops near me, so I had no choice but to buy vape juice online. Although buying vape juices online may not seem ideal to new users, it is the most cost effective way to save money instantly when purchasing vape products. After all, online ejuice stores don’t have the burden of paying for a retail location, the utility bills, operating costs, employee salaries and costs of travel that nearby vape shops require to operate.

As a result, the retail prices are incredibly lower for online vape shops, the only real drawback is having to wait for delivery. You know in a pinch you can always run out to a vape store and grab a bottle of a cheap brand of vape juice off the shelf to tide you over. However, finding a good cheap vape juice that is manufactured under responsible conditions from the top vape juice brands as opposed to just any old dirt cheap vape that may have chemicals or additives with unintended effects or results is necessary to pursuing the optimal vaping experience long term.

To put it in simple terms, many of us took up vaping for multiple reasons, to change our lifestyles and remove the harmful toxins and contaminants from our everyday lives, and to save money. In either case, there is no reason you should have to compromise the ethical production of your vape products or break the bank just to get something trustworthy.  Getting the best cheap vape juice available is as easy as gathering intel and research through personal experience and feedback from the vaping community to ensure you enjoy the most satisfying vape juice possible.