The Perfect Ejuice Guide — You Have Questions, We Have Answers
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Ejuice Guide

  • Does Vape Juice Go Bad? — E-liquid Expiration Explained

     Generally, every bottle of e juice you buy will have an expiration date printed on it. While this may not be an exact duration for its effective freshness, there are some crucial aspects of e liquid all users should understand in reference to the performance of your vaping products. Like all food safe products, nothing retains its optimum quality forever and at some point the potency and efficacy begins to degrade. This can be especially true for those that are sensitive to direct light sources, air exposure and drastic temperature changes. Vape juice and CBD eliquid is susceptible to all three, which is why it’s important that all Hot Juice products are stored safely, securely and with minimal impact...

  • What Is In Vape Juice? — A Look At E-liquid Ingredients

     Many vapers have questions about what is in vape juice and how it is made. Comprised of four primary ingredients, it’s valuable to understand what each component of vape juice is made of in order to have a clear idea of what you’re putting in your body with every puff. E-juice is made of food safe additives combined in a clean laboratory setting to ensure their quality remains optimum. The two main parts that contribute to vaporization and the carrying of flavor are VG or vegetable glycerin and PG or propylene glycol. Each is responsible for separate properties and attributes of vapor relating to flavor, cloud production, sensation and taste. What Is Vape Juice Made Of? — VG and...

  • How Much Is Vape Juice? — Does It Really Save You Money?

     One of the first questions from new users making the switch is how much is vape juice? You can research mods all you want, once you get the best price for your new technology, e-liquid is an essential component to vaping that you will still have to spend money on. With all the chatter about how much switching to vaping can save you money, it’s important to understand that there are recurring costs that will require regular investment. Often, companies will offer initial discounts for first time customers, recurring deals as an incentive to become part of a subscription or auto delivery program and shops may lower their retail prices if you pay in cash. While shopping for new...

  • Is Cheap Vape Juice Worth It? — Do Low Prices mean Low Quality

     While the term cheap vape juice may sound enticing initially, what about the possible hidden costs? We take a look at why finding the best cheap ejuice isn’t as simple as picking up a low cost bottle with an exciting label. Find out why searching for cheap vape supplies may have drawbacks you haven’t considered. The High Cost of Buying Dirt Cheap Vape Products and Juice At Hot Juice, we try not to use the term cheap in reference to our vape products or anyone else’s. To explain, while cheap can often mean affordable, it has a dangerous double meaning that may refer to the quality of the products themselves. Although our premium ejuice is modestly price, we would never...

  • Can You Make Your Own Vape Juice? — A Cautionary Tale

     A growing group of DIY users within the vaping community are teaching themselves how to make vape juice ahead of rumors about a flavor ban. In the wake of looming regulations and attacks from all sides, vapers are finding themselves being drawn toward a tasteless future without flavors. With anti-smoking groups aiming their campaigns at vape juice flavors as well as the next FDA session on vaping set to meet in the next few years, many vapers are looking ahead and wondering if the answer to the possibility of banning flavors may be to make your own vape juice. However, there are some crucial facts DIY e juice designers need to know about manufacturing e-liquid to help ensure both...

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Ejuice Guide — What You Need To Know About Hot Juice eLiquid

To understand the vaping process requires personal experience, research and expert knowledge about not only where you buy vape juice or the devices but detailed vape juice info to reinforce what you learn with solid facts. With a solid comprehension of vape juice ingredients and how they function will help you gain the confidence to enjoy vaping.

Our Vape Juice Info section lays out the details of ejuice including inside looks at how it is made, standards of our production facilities and how we source our vape juice ingredients to help protect our customers. Discover what’s in vape juice and how each component helps to provide the community with what we feel are the best vape flavors available at perfectly calculated nicotine levels. Give yourself the vape juice info you need confidently satisfy your cravings for tasty vapor in every puff of Hot Juice.

Hot Juice Info — Explaining Vape Juice and How It Works

We believe it’s as important to provide top quality premium vape juice products as it is to provide useful information about them that builds a bond of trust with the community. As a result, the vape juice info we detail in our vape blogs is all about transparency and authenticity, giving vapers the knowledge they need for a fulfilling vaping experience from the first puff. Essentially, the best way to ensure you get the best vape juice products is to prepare yourself with the understanding of how it should taste and whether it fulfills your cravings.

In addition, there are some pieces of wisdom you only pick up through personal vaping experience that aren’t often shared with the public. We believe that though this information is not widely discussed, it has inherent value when it comes to ejuice and we do our best to bring that vape juice info to the community. Reinforce what you already know and learn about some aspects of vape juice you may not with the help and support of Hot Juice. Oh and we also cover the latest Vape News so you can stay up to date with what's going on with the industry.

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