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Chocolate River Vape Juice

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Available In 30mL & 100mL Bottles

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Chocolate Milk Vape Juice - Chocolate River

Flavor Details

Our rich Chocolate Milk Vape Juice will satisfy your sweet tooth with every puff of the rich flavor of the world's most popular candy bar. This Hot Juice flavor version of a milk chocolate candy bar will fill your mouth with the familiarly rich and creamy vape juice flavor of sweet cocoa. From the first piece you were ever given, you fell in love with this classic milk chocolate flavor. This recipe for enduring flavor was engineered years before you were born. It's what we all think of when we picture chocolate candy, that sweet, creamy grid of milk chocolate in a slim, simple wrapper that satisfies the same way every time.

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Verified Customer Reviews

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    Surprised me a bit

    Ever had a chocolate coke? It's like a soda with chocolate syrup. My uncle used to make them back in the day for us if we won our little league games. Anyway, this e-liquid tastes sort of like that to me. It's good and chocolate-y, but also has this hint of cola I think? Maybe it's just my weird taste buds, I don't know haha. But yeah it takes me back.

  • hot juice verified purchase

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    Great flavor

    This chocolate blend satisfies my craving for chocolate/sweets without having the guilt of indulgence. Really good flavor and authentic, will buy again.