With a great deal of debate over whether cannabidiol supplements will affect laboratory drug testing, users want concrete facts about whether they can safely use it, and if CBD e-liquid will make you fail a drug test. This is of special concern for users of CBD who may have to take mandatory urinalysis for work certifications or as a condition of their employment. While these tests are designed to detect marijuana in the user’s systems specifically by tracking THC content, there have been instances related to tinctures and orally ingested oils where even trace amounts have unfairly labeled CBD users as drug offenders.

It’s particularly concerning in states where the use of any cannabinoids other than CBD including THC is totally illegal. While some states have a legal minimum under which it’s not considered a crime to have THC in your system, the results of a drug test detecting this do not highlight the fact that these measurements do not provide users with mind altering or psychotropic effects as higher levels of THC do.

Can CBD Make Me Test Positive For Marijuana?

In detail, yes, it is possible that using CBD will cause trace amounts of THC to show up in a drug test using both orally administered cannabidiol or CBD vape juice. However, using products made with the highest possible CBD purity will help ensure that your use of cannabiniol supplements does not raise any suspicion of marijuana use during drug testing. Hot Juice CBD uses a 99% pure hemp isolate and is THC-free to help protect our users’ privacy as well as their future.

In fact, the World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD from the list of banned substances, which is why Hot Juice CBD is the top choice of cannabiniol vape juice for first responders and athletes that undergo drug testing as a part of their eligibility. That said, nothing is completely infallible, even extracts refined in a controlled laboratory environment may have tiny remnants of THC. For example, decaffeinated coffee, still contains trace amounts of caffeine. While it may be a miniscule amount, users with caffeine sensitivity understand that they may not be able to drink decaf coffee or tea due to its peripheral effects on their bodies.

Scientifically, you can show all the research and testing on CBD available, if a drug test from a laboratory says your hair or urine tested positive for THC, you will technically fail, regardless of if you’ve ever used marijuana once, twice or never in your life. However, the cannabidiol isolate we use to create our Hot Juice CBD contains ZERO THC. Essentially, drug testing cannot find, what is not there to begin with.

While many companies make claims about the purity of their products, there may still exist trace amounts in their products that they don’t legally disclose. Hot Juice uses an extracted isolate without any hidden trace elements of tetrahydrocannabinol to help protect our community and offer them effective products that they can use without worry. Presently, there is a great deal of discussion about whether CBD users should be censured or penalized the same way as marijuana users due to numerous reports of false positives, or instances where cannabidiol contributed to finding trace amounts of THC in the analyses of CBD users.

As a result, we may see the laws change to protect CBD users. It may be presented as a case of discrimination on the basis of medical reasons as cannabiniol is a legal supplement that may inherently and legally contain trace amounts of THC due to its organic makeup. Although, this won’t likely protect CBD users who fail after signing a contractual obligation to both refrain from using hemp products and consent to regular drug tests.

In effect, it creates a gray area under federal fair employment laws, opening up a dialogue about whether your job or standing in the community can be affected ethically from using CBD and testing positive for marijuana. Until then, know that Hot Juice is doing everything we can to offer the community CBD vape juice products that contain 0% THC. We make an earnest effort to make sure our customers get the supplemental concentrates they need to manage their CBD use without worrying about any ramifications that may impact their lives including failing a drug test.

If you have questions or concerns regarding legal amounts of THC or CBD it’s best to consult your local municipalities, though our hemp-derived CBD isolate is generally considered federally legal in all fifty states due to its origin as a European crop strain.

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