The best way to protect yourself and understand how the law can affect your vaping is by researching if cbd vape liquid is legal where you live. While each state has its own statues, policies and legislation, it’s important to understand whether federal law may supersede the way hemp products are regulated near you.

States where medical and recreational hemp are growing in number and you may already have access to these products. However, there is a bit of debate online as to the legality of cannabidiol, specifically because it is a product of industrial hemp and contains no THC. Although its true marijuana and its derivatives are still illegal on a federal level, its universally understood that products made from hemp with marginal to zero amounts of THC fall into a different category of regulation as a byproduct of the hemp plant.

Why is CBD Illegal in Some States?

The hemp family of plants is divided into two main strains; Hemp sativa and Hemp indica. Commercial hemp is a sub-species of Hemp sativa, which has its own designation as Hemp ruderalis. This strain of the hemp plant enjoys completely different classification due to its low natural occurrence of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the active chemical in marijuana that creates psychotropic effects or gets users “high”.

Given that hemp plants do not possess the same intoxicating properties, they are classified differently under the law, actually setting them apart from substances considered to be derived from marijuana or THC dominant hemp. As a result, the designation of CBD is generally accepted as an herbal supplement. This is a large reason why hemp that contains THC can be regulated in some states for medical uses while CBD does not require the same amount of oversight as a substance without the behavior of a drug.

In detail, CBD effects are not mind altering or intoxicating, thus it does not fall under the same legislative restrictions or governance as marijuana. On the contrary, cannabidiol vape juice is closer to the hemp found in your granola breakfast cereal, or a pair of comfortable socks than the variety that gets you high. As a result, Hot Juice CBD is federally legal in all fifty states, regardless of local state ordinances governing its possession and use.

A History of Industrial Hemp and Legal CBD

Hemp-derived liquids have a rich history in the United States, dating back to as early as the 1850s, when they were labeled and sold in pharmacies all over the country. While many states categorized hemp as a drug in the early 1900s and made it effectively illegal for personal use, it was still available in prescription form and by 1937 they had a specific tax on its use for medical, research and industrial purposes including manufacturing.

However, the hemp varietal specifically, played an important role in the growth of America. Famously, George Washington, celebrated general of the Revolutionary War and first president of the United States was well known as a hemp farmer. In fact, hemp was and remains a staple crop all over the world used for all kinds of products from clothing, rope and paper to a popular food source.

The pivotal position of hemp as a useful crop used to produce a broad range of consumer products continues to be proven as the world embraces its many uses. It is ideal to aid with the reforestation of the world and ensure that places like the Amazon rainforest remain part of our life-saving ecosystem. As such, the ability to legally purchase CBD and hemp products is a crucial part of humanity’s future survival.

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