While the regulation of hemp products has a great deal to do with the effects of how it’s used, there is no debate over the question does CBD get you high. Although CBD oil vape juice does carry similar genetic origins to other strains of hemp, it’s the properties of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC are the active cannabinoid in marijuana associated with creating the psychotropic and intoxicating effects.

Reflexively, cannabidiol or CBD which is also found throughout the hemp plant, does not produce the same effects. Nor does it in any way make users feel impaired or intoxicated in the same way THC does. Though they do affect the body through shared receptors of the endocannabinoid system, they do not universally produce the same feelings or results. In order to understand the fundamental differences between them, it helps to have an understanding of how THC dominant hemp and CBD dominant hemp strains differ not only in their chemical effects, but the attributes of the plants they are each derived from.

Can You Get High From Vaping CBD? — Here’s Why It’s Legal

Typically, the hemp plant is divided into two genera; hemp sativa and hemp indica, both of which contain effective amounts of THC. However, beneath the genus hemp sativa is the sub-species hemp ruderalis. This strain of hemp plant is largely used to produced CBD because of its naturally low level of THC, typically around 0.3% which can then be extracted to produce a nearly 100% pure CBD isolate from the plant.

As a result, the best CBD vape juice on the market is made with concentrate that effectively has 0% THC. To explain, since THC is the active cannabinoid that produces psychotropic sensations and experiences, pure CBD does not get users high by any measure. Instead, it appeals to the neurotransmitters of our endocannabinoid system in an attempt to heighten and intensify their regular functions as part of the human body’s normal behavior.

If you’ve ever heard people use the term “runner’s high” or talk about how physically relaxed and focused they feel after going to the gym, those euphoric physiological feelings are due in part to chemicals produced by the endocannabinoid system. While you won’t get high using CBD e liquid, you may experience a similar feeling of relaxation or bodily tranquility similar to that of strenuous exercise.

You may have heard the term “body high” referring to hemp that predominantly effects the human body without altering their mind in any psychotropic way. However, CBD does not produce a body high, rather it simply aims to heighten the natural processes of inherent systems the way any supplement or vitamin would. This is a significant reason why there are as many CBD e juices available, as sublingual and topical cannabiniol products.

Some CBD products do still contain trace amounts of THC that may even show up on a drug test. However, there isn’t any evidence that even continuous use of CBD products will cumulatively produce a feeling of being high the way marijuana does. Essentially, you could vape an entire bottle of Hot Juice CBD in one session and you won’t get high (please don’t attempt this).

That said, the recommended dosage of between one and three times a day dependent upon the user’s needs are designed to optimize the cannabidiol content and ensure you get the most effective dose without waste.

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