Can You Drive and Vape CBD?

It can get confusing trying to figure out exactly when you're allowed to drive when CBD (cannabidiol) is involved. Certain medications recommend that you don't drive immediately after taking them, but is CBD different from these medications?

While there are some circumstances in which it’d be wise to think twice before getting behind the wheel, there's nothing about the chemical itself that prohibits you from driving, medically or legally. We'll try to clear up the most popular misconceptions around CBD vaping and driving below.

Can You Vape While Driving?

Hot Juice Is It Safe to Vape CBD and Drive

Vaping CBD works in the same way as vaping nicotine products; a tiny amount of liquid is heated up (vaporised) and then inhaled by the user. The actual act of vaping anything is not prohibited while driving, so no worries there. The most frequent questions around CBD and driving surround whether the substance has any psychoactive properties that may impair the use or break the law.

What is the Difference Between CBD and THC?

A common misunderstanding comes from the fact that the difference between CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is not always well-understood. Both CBD and THC derive from types of cannabis plants, but that’s where the similarities stop.

THC is the chemical associated with the psychoactive effects of smoking cannabis. Although cannabis that is smoked for its psychoactive effects may also possess a high concentration of CBD, the latter chemical does not possess psychoactive properties itself. Instead, its effects tend to focus on alleviating anxiety and lessening pain.

This is largely why such products are becoming increasingly popular, with vaping becoming a preferred choice of many users. It is often seen as a preferable alternative to conventional medicines because of its natural origin (the hemp plant) and its soothing effects. However, it’s easy to see a potential crossover between soothing and inducing drowsiness, and the latter is to be avoided on the roads wherever possible.

While it has been known for CBD to cause drowsiness (among a few other side effects), this depends on the user, but more on that later.

Making Sure You Avoid THC While Vaping and Driving

Some CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, and for this reason, it's always worth checking the label and asking your provider if you’re not sure. Legally, the maximum concentration of THC in these products is 0.2%. THC will also show up on a drug test whereas CBD will not - this is especially worth bearing in mind if you’re considering vaping while driving. A good rule of thumb, then, is to ensure that you vape only CBD products guaranteed to be free of THC while driving.

So while there isn’t a legal problem with vaping and driving, what about other forms of ingestion? For example, can you drive after taking CBD oil? The answer is the same. It's fine to drive, but again, it’s best to use an oil such as those produced by Hot Juice which is guaranteed to be free of THC. This simply helps to avoid any potential confusion.

Always use your best judgement when it comes down to vaping and getting behind the wheel.

Changing CBDs Reputation

The concentrated high that THC produces in some forms of the cannabis plant is largely responsible for the stigma often attached to other cannabis products. It’s important to remember whether taking oil or vaping, CBD is not psychoactive (indeed, it can actually lessen such activity). 

It’s now actively used in sports after being taken off the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Banned Substance list in 2018 (thanks to its therapeutic properties).

Even if Legal, Does CBD Impair Driving in Other Ways?

With all this said, it is worth taking note that CBD can have minor side-effects for different individuals. Does CBD impair driving? What side effects will I experience? It's well worth finding out how CBD can affect you long before trying it while driving.

For example, some users experience drowsiness as a side-effect, and as mentioned earlier, this is a no-go when you’re behind the wheel. Other users can experience headaches; if this is a regular event, it may be that CBD isn’t for you. Certainly, in the instance of CBD and driving, a headache could prove distracting and unpleasant. Again, this isn’t something you want when you’re trying to negotiate traffic.

In many ways, this is the same common-sense approach as we take to driving generally. Driving when you feel off-colour or sluggish isn’t a good idea whether you’ve been vaping or not, and if you consider it a potential risk of vaping CBD while driving, it’s good practice not to do it in the car and maybe save it for when your errands are run and you’re safely home.

It’s vital to understand both the benefits and potential side-effects that interacting with CBD may have on you individually well before you consider vaping while driving, or undertaking any other highly responsible activity.

A Good Relationship

Once you’ve established your relationship with CBD, it’s also worth thinking about the benefits it brings to you. What kind of situations are these benefits most important to you? If you find that you don’t experience unwanted side-effects, it may even prove the case that vaping while driving could help you.

For example, say you had a chronic back pain that played up uncomfortably while driving. If you found that vaping CBD lessened the pain but you remained alert, this could be a time when it was really useful to have the option to vape and drive.

Or say that you found that some anxiety was substantially reduced by vaping, and again that you weren’t made drowsy by use. If driving constituted a particular trigger for ill-feeling and anxiety, being able to relax would be a benefit. It could help reduce stress and reduce jumpiness behind the wheel. Becoming familiar with how CBD works for you is essential to its positive and responsible use.

Location, Location, Location

Always remember that legislation covering the use of CBD varies from place to place, so if you’re taking your vape pen on holiday with you, check the local laws before you go. For example, say you went on holiday with your family to Los Angeles. When vaping and driving in California, it’s illegal to vape at all while a minor is also present in the car. Making sure you brush up on what’s permitted locally may save you a big headache down the line; after all, nobody goes on holiday to feel stressed.

The Optimal CBD Experience for You

Hot Juice uses a process called CO2 extraction to produce our CBD products. This involves passing solid CO2 into a chamber containing dry hemp and then extracting the natural oil in a third chamber where it is separated from the CO2. This effectively minimises the risk of contamination and allows for a high-quality product every time.

All our products are completely free of THC, so you can enjoy your CBD vape in total peace of mind - after all, that's an important part of the experience! 

Visit our online store or get in touch with us today for the best CBD products and reliable, honest information about finding exactly what suits you and your needs.