With a sprawling field of companies offering what they claim to be premium cbd vape juice and oil, is both exciting and overwhelming to be a part of the vaping community. However, there is vital information every user of CBD products should understand about the quality, extraction, concentration and the chemistry of creating CBD eliquid.

Firstly, cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol are known to counteract each other’s effects. While this may be attractive for users of traditional hemp products looking for balanced results, it’s less effective when using either cannabinoid for a specific supplemental purpose. In particular, the most effective CBD ejuice is created using strains of hemp naturally low in THC content and then refined to remove all traces of the tetrahydrocannabinol.

Essentially, this makes it much easier to distill and extract any peripheral THC from the original plant material ensuring less waste as well as upholding the potency of CBD. To explain, performing fewer extractions in order to achieve a concentrated isolate helps to preserve the desired intensity in order to create the premium cannabidiol eliquid. This effectively ensures the strength of the CBD remaining to be at its optimum potency.

Best CBD E Liquid Strains — Clarifying Hemp Classification

Another factor related to divergent strains of hemp crops users may want to be aware of, is the difference between what is considered marijuana vs. the hemp plant. If you’ve done any research into hemp or its extracts you may have heard users refer to different strains of THC dominant plants as a sativa or indica variety. Many CBD-dominant hemp plants do not directly fall into either of these species due to their inherently low THC content.

In detail, the THC-dominant marijuana plant is divided into two genera; Hemp sativa and Hemp indica. While CBD dominant strains of hemp can be considered a sub-species of the Hemp sativa genus, a great number of scholars largely categorize them into their own species; Hemp ruderalis. This effectively sets CBD apart from all products considered to be made from processing the hemp plant and solidifies its association to industrial hemp instead.

Our process of creating CBD vape juice begins with our organically-derived hemp isolate. The strain we use yields a 99% pure CBD concentrate, ensuring you get only the desired effects without any unintended results. What sets Hot Juice apart from the endless options of eliquids, is our process of blending our premium e juice with undiluted CBD concentrate.

Recognizing the Best Vape Juice With CBD — What To Expect

It’s important to us that you receive the best CBD vape juice product for effective supplemental use. As a result, the dosage intensity of our products retain the original potency of the CBD isolate with the added virtues of delicious flavors and satisfying vapor. We don’t confuse the dosages, ratios or mixing process to make our concentrations appear larger. In fact, our Hot Juice CBD FAQ section breaks down what the labeling and content mean in detail to ensure every user understands exactly how much CBD is packed into every bottle of our ejuice.

While these products are not yet approved by the FDA and are not universally understood to be of any medicinal value, it is our goal to ensure that the CBD vaping community has access to products that are created with honesty, integrity and care. We design every bottle of our CBD eliquid as if it will come under the intense scrutiny of intensive testing because as users of our own vape juice, it’s important to us to offer a product we can stand behind with surety and confidence.

At Hot Juice, we won’t offer a product we aren’t 100% sure you’ll love. For more information on our process, ingredients, facilities and the best CBD vape juice available, check out our FAQ pages for further answers.

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