Hot Juice is pleased to announce the introduction of our brand new CBD Affiliate Program, complete with industry-leading commissions offering up to 40% new customer sale commissions and up to 15% life-time commissions. This press release is to celebrate what we believe will be an elite affiliate program for CBD marketers.

We welcome all YouTube mega-star, website based affiliates, Instagram promoters and pretty much anyone else who is passionate about CBD. if you are in the CBD affiliate marketing game, Hot Juice wants you as a promoter of our fine, unique products.

Finding The Best CBD Affiliate Program Isn’t Easy, Until Now!

There’s no question that the CBD craze has reached a fever pitch of demand at the time of this writing. With that comes the obligatory flurry of new products available with a vastly varying degree of quality. We are confident that you will have no trouble selling our products due to its superior quality, correct CBD mixtures and A-Rating customer service. Not to mention we are a company who will reinvest in you to ensure you are making the most money possible each month! We want to offer only the best, or nothing.

Our commission structure is a simple Pay-Per-Sale model that gives you 20% of every sale you make and your commissions percentages only climb higher from there. As long as you meet all the requirements of our affiliate operating agreement then we want you on board.

Money Talks, Sure. But What Makes A CBD Affiliate Network Solid?

It goes without saying that every affiliate program since the dawn of the internet has provided money in exchange for promotion of products, absolutely. But what truly sets good and bad programs apart? Resources and support. We recognize that the desire to earn money can only carry an affiliate so far. After all, if the network doesn’t provide tools for success, how can the company expect longevity if marketing burnout from affiliates creating their own marketing materials sets in? This is why we at Hot Juice have went to painstaking lengths to prepare our affiliate marketers with all the promotional tools they’ll need to start bringing in sales right out of the gate.

From custom branded text links, last click tracking and real-time statistics and reporting to prepared Hot Juice CBD banners and image advertisements, our customized affiliate administration back end provides more tools than is probably necessary to the affiliate marketer. So that there’s no shortage of materials needed to produce results in as little time as possible. The sooner you sell our products, the sooner we all profit!

Ground Control To Major Profit - Lift Off At The Hot Juice Affiliate Command Center

Our comprehensive Hot Juice Affiliate Command Center provides you the means necessary to help grow our diverse customer base. Manage your entire marketing presence from the Command Center while having direct access to our industry-leading affiliate manager who has learned the in’s and out’s of the affiliate marketing game.

From the lowest rung of the market share ladder, to the highest paid commissions available in the CBD Affiliate niche, they’ve done it all. It’s like having your very own sensei on-hand to help guide you if you would like. A natural self-starter, they also understand the desire to find your own way; so don’t worry if you wish to travel your path solo (but they’re always available if you change your mind!)

We Want You To Want Us - Let’s Succeed Together!

Sign up now and find out first hand why we’re not only the first company in North America to sell eJuice and CBD Vape Juice under the same roof online, but we’re also the only company with the unstoppable desire to be the best in both niches.

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