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Blueberry CBD Oil

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Available in 60mL Bottles Only

CBD Content Measurements
300mg Bottle5.00mg of CBD Per 1 mL
500mg Bottle8.33mg of CBD Per 1 mL
1000mg Bottle16.67mg of CBD Per 1 mL
2000mg Bottle33.33mg of CBD Per 1 mL
3000mg Bottle50.00mg of CBD Per 1 mL
5000mg Bottle83.33mg of CBD Per 1 mL

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Blueberry CBD Oil – Breezy Summer Oil

Flavor Details

Our Blueberry CBD Oil will make you want to call your grandmother and thank her for all those amazing blueberry pies and memories. The exceptional tones of blueberry taste like they were picked straight from the backyard blueberry bush just in time to go into the oven.

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Hot Juice

Suggested Use

Take ½ dropper (1.mL) twice daily. Hold under tongue for 30 seconds and swallow.

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Contains Coconuts

Verified Customer Reviews

  • hot juice verified purchase

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    Me tested, me approved!

    If you're going to use an oil, I trust the start-to-finish handling of these guys at Hot Juice more than some of the others I’ve tried. Partly because I’ve talked to them directly and have comfort in knowing what goes into their products - but also because I’ve been a user of their vape juice products for about a year now and have no complaints there at all! The blueberry flavor is pretty great. I picked it because I figured it’d be an easy make-or-break choice for me, and was not disappointed.

  • hot juice verified purchase

    By on


    -WAS- Skeptical..

    I didn't really have any hope this would work, just to be honest. I have fibromyalgia and basically I’ve tried everything. My sister kept rambling and raving about CBD oils, and finally wore me down. I like blueberry flavors so I figured why not? 

I was shocked. Just no other word for it. The flavor is just bursting w/ blueberries, it -actually- helped, a lot. I take it 2 - 3 times a day, but after the very first day I noticed a distinct difference. Definitely a CBD user and customer for life!