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  • San Francisco Bans Flavored Vape Juice

     The city of San Francisco recently passed a local measure effectively creating a vaping ban that outlaws the sale of flavored vape juice products. In the wake of controversy over the prevalent use of the popular Juul Vapor ecig by teen, the Bay Area hub moved to ban vape flavors from retail shelves. With the next session of the Food and Drug Administration set to meet on the topic of electronic cigarettes in 2022, and vapers unsure of whether the topic of a vape flavor ban will be on the table, cities like San Francisco are moving to create protections on a local level. Proposition E, which effectively banned the sale of flavored tobacco and ejuice in the city...

  • Is Cheap Vape Juice Worth It? — Do Low Prices mean Low Quality

     While the term cheap vape juice may sound enticing initially, what about the possible hidden costs? We take a look at why finding the best cheap ejuice isn’t as simple as picking up a low cost bottle with an exciting label. Find out why searching for cheap vape supplies may have drawbacks you haven’t considered. The High Cost of Buying Dirt Cheap Vape Products and Juice At Hot Juice, we try not to use the term cheap in reference to our vape products or anyone else’s. To explain, while cheap can often mean affordable, it has a dangerous double meaning that may refer to the quality of the products themselves. Although our premium ejuice is modestly price, we would never...

  • Chasing the Biggest Vape Cloud — Fundamentals For Cloud Chasers

     You’ve seen them pouring from the passing windows of cars, obscuring the sky from street level and filling the doorways of neighborhoods all over the world, but once you’ve decided you want to join the ranks of the nation’s cloud chasers, there are some basic ideas, type of vape juice, equipment and techniques you need to master the vaping tricks of the trade. If you’ve heard the term and are wondering what is cloud chasing, it helps to have an understanding of what happens when you use an advanced vape mod. In detail, advanced vapers who created DIY mech mods and low resistance decks wanted a way to show off the capabilities of their ingenuity. As a result, a...

  • Girl Vaping Out Of Her Ears — Is This Safe?

     You may have seen the viral video of a girl taking a deep pull of eliquid from her hot pink vape mod and making billowing clouds pour out of her ear canal. Her thoughts aren’t clouded with confusion, it’s a real thing and the reason she’s able to do this may surprise you in its simple answer. While it may seem impossible to transfer inhaled vapor from your mouth or lung cavity into your ear, it doesn’t take a science degree to understand how this is possible. Consider any moment in time where you happened to be at a higher elevation than normal, your ears suddenly feel clogged, pressurized. Often, our remedy is to hold our nose and force...

  • Wave of Counterfeit Vape Batteries May Put Vapers at Risk

     Following the tragic death of Tallmadge D’Elia, vape companies like Smok are warning users about the possible influx of counterfeit vape batteries. While there are plenty of trusted battery manufacturers offering affordably priced products, society is attempting to save money wherever possible, a hidden cost that may have deadly results. Not only that but having a bad battery will result is burned coils that make your ejuice taste horrible! Exploding vaping batteries are sadly not a new danger, but even more disheartening is the fact that injury and death from a vape battery is entirely preventable. While cheap vape batteries can be an irresistible draw for users looking to cut costs, these cloned batteries can put vapers at serious...

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Hot Juice Vape Blog — Be A Part Of What’s Happening Inside Vaping

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