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  • Does Vape Juice Go Bad? — E-liquid Expiration Explained

     Generally, every bottle of e juice you buy will have an expiration date printed on it. While this may not be an exact duration for its effective freshness, there are some crucial aspects of e liquid all users should understand in reference to the performance of your vaping products. Like all food safe products, nothing retains its optimum quality forever and at some point the potency and efficacy begins to degrade. This can be especially true for those that are sensitive to direct light sources, air exposure and drastic temperature changes. Vape juice and CBD eliquid is susceptible to all three, which is why it’s important that all Hot Juice products are stored safely, securely and with minimal impact...

  • CBD Vape Juice Effects — What Does It Feel Like?

     Though we can’t explicity discuss any possible benefits of CBD or its specific uses, we can try to explain how CBD vape juice effects the human body scientifically and why it might cause the body to behave this way in response. One of the most commonly reported feelings from the effects of CBD vape juice is a physiological euphoria, or relaxed sensation without impairing or effecting the ability of the brain to function normally. One of the most important aspects that closely associates hemp-derived CBD and marijuana which traditionally contains high concentrations of THC is the regions of the human body that are receptive to them. While both THC and CBD utilize receptors of the endocannabinoid system, cannabidiol is...

  • What Is In Vape Juice? — A Look At E-liquid Ingredients

     Many vapers have questions about what is in vape juice and how it is made. Comprised of four primary ingredients, it’s valuable to understand what each component of vape juice is made of in order to have a clear idea of what you’re putting in your body with every puff. E-juice is made of food safe additives combined in a clean laboratory setting to ensure their quality remains optimum. The two main parts that contribute to vaporization and the carrying of flavor are VG or vegetable glycerin and PG or propylene glycol. Each is responsible for separate properties and attributes of vapor relating to flavor, cloud production, sensation and taste. What Is Vape Juice Made Of? — VG and...

  • Will CBD Vape Juice Make You Fail A Drug Test?

     With a great deal of debate over whether cannabidiol supplements will affect laboratory drug testing, users want concrete facts about whether they can safely use it, and if CBD e-liquid will make you fail a drug test. This is of special concern for users of CBD who may have to take mandatory urinalysis for work certifications or as a condition of their employment. While these tests are designed to detect marijuana in the user’s systems specifically by tracking THC content, there have been instances related to tinctures and orally ingested oils where even trace amounts have unfairly labeled CBD users as drug offenders. It’s particularly concerning in states where the use of any cannabinoids other than CBD including THC...

  • How Much Is Vape Juice? — Does It Really Save You Money?

     One of the first questions from new users making the switch is how much is vape juice? You can research mods all you want, once you get the best price for your new technology, e-liquid is an essential component to vaping that you will still have to spend money on. With all the chatter about how much switching to vaping can save you money, it’s important to understand that there are recurring costs that will require regular investment. Often, companies will offer initial discounts for first time customers, recurring deals as an incentive to become part of a subscription or auto delivery program and shops may lower their retail prices if you pay in cash. While shopping for new...

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Hot Juice Vape Blog — Be A Part Of What’s Happening Inside Vaping

If you’re looking for further helpful information on the best e-juice and brands you’re interested in, internal vaping blogs or vaping forums may provide you with further insight into aspects such as how their products are made and standards of production. Our Hot Juice Vape Blog will present you with the info we feel may improve your experience.

Top vape sites often use their blogs to announce new products and innovations, but at Hot Juice we want to provide you with so much more. Our vape blog will break down not only our products, but what happening in the Vape Industry, Vape News that may affect our community and health or regulation info that could change access or availability to our products. Our vape blog will provide you with detailed information on ingredients, production, engineering and research they perform and responses to feedback on our vape juice so that we are able to share information with the community based on personal experiences with our ejuice.

Vaping Blog For Hot Juice

Our company vape blogs will lay out the personal experiences and recommendations of industry insiders who will open up dialogues with the community like an open vaping forum where they lay out secrets, tips and tricks for using the products we produce. Additionally, our vape juice blog will provide users with helpful CBD Info, the latest Vape Deals and a Ejuice Guide to improving every puff of Hot Juice.

At Hot Juice we understand that finding a well of trusted information from the best vape sites is always valuable to users. To ensure the knowledge you’re receiving is honest and authentic, it helps to go straight to the vape juice makers and manufacturers of the products you’re interested in which is why the Hot Juice blog exists. Our vaping blogs are a direct conduit to the crucial info you can’t able to find anywhere else. While you’re likely to find answers in our FAQ pages, our Hot Juice Vape Blog acts as a way of supporting and expanding on those topics. Each or our vaping blogs will provide our users with personal bits of wisdom directly from our research team on how we enjoy the same eliquid products you love.

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