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  • Did The DEA Reclassify CBD? — Or Is Big Pharma Granted Special Privileges?

     What began as a day full of promise for vape juice with cbd and cannabis activism quickly turned to confusion about the state of CBD Legality. After big news broke about the likely change to the government’s CBD DEA classification of the compound as a Schedule-1 drug, the potential for big changes to both its accessibility and legal availability with the flick of a pen were in the air. Instead, the law enforcement agency opted to simply reclassify CBD as it relates to a singular product, Epidiolex, which had been approved for consumer use by the Food and Drug Administration back in June. Hopeful industry insiders are pointing toward this decision by the DEA as a harbinger of a...

  • Hot Juice $100 Weekly Vape Giveaway — A Prize Every Week

     Amazing news, Hot Juice is giving away $100 gift cards once a week to a lucky member of the vaping community. All you have to do is fill out your name and email address and we will select a name at random once a week to win a gift card good for a hundred bucks worth of eliquid or CBD vape juice! You know we like to keep it 100 at Hot Juice, and we’re 100% dedicated to getting vapers the best vape flavors they love, so a vape giveaway for $100 gift card seemed like a natural way to help. Just fill out your name and email address in the fields below to enter for your chance to...

  • SMOK Species 230W Giveaway!

     SMOK Species 230W Giveaway! UPDATE: Congrats on Winning to Larenzo R - Of Carson California Get the latest in cutting edge vaping technology for nothing, when you opt into our Smok Species 230w giveaway for your chance to win this top performing high wattage vape starter kit. If you've been searching through the top box mods on the market wishing you could afford the best vaping available for less, stop dreaming and recognize this priceless opportunity to win a high performance vape for free. Paired with the TFV8 Baby Beast vape tank, the Smok Species mod cranks out mouthwatering clouds of delicious vapor all day long and it can be yours for free! The new Smok V2 atomizers come with...

  • Juul Starter Kit Giveaway!

     Juul Starter Kit Giveaway! UPDATE: Congrats on Winning to Larry W - Of Cleveland Ohio As the most popular name in vaping on the end of everyone’s lips, Juul has successfully brought ecigarettes into the maintstream. With one of the most sought after products on the market, we wanted to give the Hot Juice community the opportunity to win with our Juul Starter Kit Giveaway. To celebrate the launch of our newest flavors of delicious Hot Juice eLiquid and CBD vape juice, we’re running a range of contests giving you the opportunity to win a Juul starter kit for nothing. Entering this giveaway is easy, simply fill out the forms and you’re already in the running to win the...

  • 20 Bottles of Eliquid Giveaway!

     20 Bottles of Ejuice Giveaway! UPDATE: Congrats on Winning to Emily D - Frankfort Kentucky There may not have ever been a contest offering this magnitude of incredible value in a single prize. With the grand total of our 20 bottles of eliquid giveaway adding up to a 300-dollar value, it’s your opportunity to taste the best vaping flavors from one of the biggest names in vaping absolutely free. In celebration of our new line of tasty flavors, we are giving away 20 of our 30ml bottles of vape juice to a lucky vaper just like you! Winners will be able to select from our impressive range of sixty enticing flavors and outfit their vaping reserves with the highest...

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Hot Juice Vape Blog — Be A Part Of What’s Happening Inside Vaping

If you’re looking for further helpful information on the best e-juice and brands you’re interested in, internal vaping blogs or vaping forums may provide you with further insight into aspects such as how their products are made and standards of production. Our Hot Juice Vape Blog will present you with the info we feel may improve your experience.

Top vape sites often use their blogs to announce new products and innovations, but at Hot Juice we want to provide you with so much more. Our vape blog will break down not only our products, but what happening in the Vape Industry, Vape News that may affect our community and health or regulation info that could change access or availability to our products. Our vape blog will provide you with detailed information on ingredients, production, engineering and research they perform and responses to feedback on our vape juice so that we are able to share information with the community based on personal experiences with our ejuice.

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