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  • Hot Juice Coupon Codes - February 2019

    Valentines Sale Hot Juice Coupon Code 10% OFF The Entire Site + Free Shipping. Unlimited Uses Until Sale Ends Use Code LOVE10 Hunting down the best vape deal is like digging for buried treasure, you may not always know where to look and when you finally put the work in, you may still come up empty. We understand this can be frustrating, which is why all the latest Hot Juice coupons are available right here. It’s important to us that you not only get the best vape juice and CBD products available, but that you are filled with the confidence and assurance that you got it for the lowest prices possible. In effect, each Hot Juice coupon code we offer...

  • Vaping Winterized CBD - Important Facts You Need To Know

    The first thing we here at Hot Juice would like to mention is that all Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice is created with Winterized CBD Isolate using the "Supercritical C02 Method”. That being said, this article will serve as a detailed account of what is winterized CBD. We will discuss the process behind making it, and why it is quickly beginning to take the vaping industry by storm. Continue reading to learn more about winterized CBD oil, as well as to learn more about the Hot Juice winterized CBD products currently available for purchase. CBD Oil And Its Uses Before diving into winterized CBD oil and why it is important to ensure that your CBD oil is winterized. It is crucial...

  • Indoorsmokers — Hot Juice E Liquid Review Video

     Put on your seatbelts and hold on tight because Chris and Mike from the Indoorsmokers YouTube channel just officially reviewed Hot Juice! We sent them a few boxes of samples in the mail about a week ago and crossed our fingers that they would love our vape juice! You’ll just have to watch the video to see what they thought! Chris has been reviewing vape products on his Indoorsmokers youtube channel for well over 8 years now. Matter of fact, he actually reviewed some Safe Cig products back in 2010. For those of you who don’t know, Jon Deak who is one of the Hot juice Founders was also the founder of a company called Safe Cig. Funny enough...

  • Los Angeles Based Vape Juice Company Develops New Tech for Vaping Industry

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1, 2018 /HotJuice.Com/ -- Finding and acquiring good quality e liquids are paramount to a satisfying vape experience. There's no point in using e-cigs with e-juices that lack flavor and consistency. A new Southern California company named Hot Juice aims to solve that by providing a variety of different vape flavors at affordable price points. Hot Juice carries all sorts of e liquids that range from favorite breakfast cereals to mouth-watering pastries and dessert vapes. The wide assortment of flavor profiles Hot Juice carries makes them a very hot commodity amongst religious vapers. If delicious vape flavors are being searched for, that are both high quality and budget-friendly, Hot Juice is usually on the top of the list...

  • Did The DEA Reclassify CBD? — Or Is Big Pharma Granted Special Privileges?

     What began as a day full of promise for vape juice with cbd and cannabis activism quickly turned to confusion about the state of CBD Legality. After big news broke about the likely change to the government’s CBD DEA classification of the compound as a Schedule-1 drug, the potential for big changes to both its accessibility and legal availability with the flick of a pen were in the air. Instead, the law enforcement agency opted to simply reclassify CBD as it relates to a singular product, Epidiolex, which had been approved for consumer use by the Food and Drug Administration back in June. Hopeful industry insiders are pointing toward this decision by the DEA as a harbinger of a...

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Hot Juice Vape Blog — Be A Part Of What’s Happening Inside Vaping

If you’re looking for further helpful information on the best e-juice and brands you’re interested in, internal vaping blogs or vaping forums may provide you with further insight into aspects such as how their products are made and standards of production. Our Hot Juice Vape Blog will present you with the info we feel may improve your experience.

Top vape sites often use their blogs to announce new products and innovations, but at Hot Juice we want to provide you with so much more. Our vape blog will break down not only our products, but what happening in the Vape Industry, Vape News that may affect our community and health or regulation info that could change access or availability to our products. Our vape blog will provide you with detailed information on ingredients, production, engineering and research they perform and responses to feedback on our vape juice so that we are able to share information with the community based on personal experiences with our ejuice.

Vaping Blog For Hot Juice

Our company vape blogs will lay out the personal experiences and recommendations of industry insiders who will open up dialogues with the community like an open vaping forum where they lay out secrets, tips and tricks for using the products we produce. Additionally, our vape juice blog will provide users with helpful CBD Info, the latest Vape Deals and a Ejuice Guide to improving every puff of Hot Juice.

At Hot Juice we understand that finding a well of trusted information from the best vape sites is always valuable to users. To ensure the knowledge you’re receiving is honest and authentic, it helps to go straight to the vape juice makers and manufacturers of the products you’re interested in which is why the Hot Juice blog exists. Our vaping blogs are a direct conduit to the crucial info you can’t able to find anywhere else. While you’re likely to find answers in our FAQ pages, our Hot Juice Vape Blog acts as a way of supporting and expanding on those topics. Each or our vaping blogs will provide our users with personal bits of wisdom directly from our research team on how we enjoy the same eliquid products you love.

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