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Smokey Apple Vape Juice

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Available In 30mL & 100mL Bottles

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Apple Vape Juice - Smokey Apple

Flavor Details

For the perfect combination of tobacco flavor and fresh fruit, try our Smokey Apple Vape Juice. One of our best green tobacco blends, Smokey Apple is a mix of sweet and tart apple flavors in a smooth, mild tobacco flavored based vape juice. It produces tasty, fulfilling vapor that transports you away to a green apple orchard with this bright, earthy blend.

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Verified Customer Reviews

  • hot juice verified purchase

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    It's smokey

    This is an interesting apple tobacco blend. You can taste the tobacco clearly and it has the light flavoring of apple underneath it.

  • hot juice verified purchase

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    Nice flavor

    This has a really strong taste of tobacco to it with the undertone of apple. It tastes good and would buy again.