Program Terms and Conditions

The following Agreement constitutes the terms and conditions which apply to a website, individual or other unspecified entity’s enrollment in the Hot Juice Affiliate Program. For the purpose and duration of this Agreement Hot Juice (will refer to us or we as the case may be) and Affiliate (you) will be defined and referred to thus.

A. Enrollment Requirement

In order to begin enrollment in the Hot Juice Affiliate Program, candidates are required to completely, fully and honestly complete the Hot Juice Affiliate Program Application fields. Candidates will be further asked to confirm a genuine email address corresponding to their account or website through a unique link sent by a Hot Juice Affiliate Program to your inbox through our automated delivery system. Once the email address has been confirmed and verified as valid, Hot Juice will evaluate and review your Affiliate application. Once an assessment has been made, Hot Juice will send you a notification of acceptance to the Affiliate Program, or rejection from it. Filling out and submitting an online application for the Affiliate Program is a confirmation that as a candidate you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions contained within this Conditional Agreement.

B. Program Eligibility

We make it incredibly easy to start earning profits through our Affiliate Program. With that in mind, there is some criteria you will have to meet in order to benefit.

  • Have a valid, registered, genuine website (cannot be under construction or offline)
  • Website must host Content, cannot be a list of links or external Content
  • Documented minimum unique page visit amount
  • A working, confirmed email address
  • In order to receive payment, Affiliates must make a $100.00 USD sales threshold per month
  • Agree and adhere to the Hot Juice Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

C. Websites Hot Juice will NOT Affiliate with

Hot Juice reserves the expressive right to cancel, reject or otherwise discard any Affiliate application at any time for any reason irrespective to their qualification or eligibility to the program guidelines.

  • Pornographic or sexually explicit images or Content pages
  • Violent, disturbing or gratuitously gruesome images or Content
  • Discriminatory or inflammatory material including but not limited to Content based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, nationality, or physical appearance.
  • In any way intentionally or unintentionally harmful, obscene, unlawful, defamatory, harassing, or ethnically, religiously, racially or otherwise inappropriate according to the discretion of Hot Juice
  • Extensive proliferation and encouragement of illegal activities or substances
  • Web Content on Affiliate site must not violate copyright law, personal or intellectual property rights either in hosted or linked Content
  • Website must not include Hot Juice name or any variation of in its name including domains, email addresses and other unspecified titles or names
  • Affiliate website must not in any way resemble that of Hot Juice implied or explicitly which leads users to conclude that it is in any way a subsidiary or otherwise part of Hot Juice and its Affiliated businesses
  • Employs software, downloads, or other forms of material which diverts, subverts or in any way disrupts the coding or designation of referral origins from other Affiliates either intentionally or unintentionally
  • Implementing any existing or unreleased program, software, or application which prevents, blocks, redirects, substitutes, interferes or alters the click through statistics, abilities, function or other site traffic driven, fed, and referred transaction is strictly prohibited and will constitute termination of Affiliate Program

If Hot Juice did not accept your website as an Affiliate and you feel we made this decision in error, you may reapply. However, Hot Juice reserves the right to terminate Affiliate Programs at any time without prior notice to you. Parties who enter into the Affiliate Program must be legally able to take part in the program. To cite an example of this; minors who do not meet the minimum legal age requirements to sell Hot Juice products are unable to become an Affiliate. Members of organizations that prohibit sales of e-liquid containing specific ingredients known or determined to be hazardous by governmental or private organizations are not permitted to become Affiliates of Hot Juice. However, if a party affirms that they are in acting in good faith and legally able to become an Affiliate, they assume all liability and responsibility for their enrollment in the Affiliate Program and any and all associated legal culpability including any and all associated fees or damages levied against you. If Hot Juice suspects an Affiliate may be in violation of these Terms and Conditions, or in any way in violation of a legally binding agreement or applicable law, we reserve the right to suspend, cancel or rescind an Affiliate’s enrollment at any time with or without notice either permanently or pending an investigation by Hot Juice.

D. Commission Qualifications

Eligibility for referral dividends is based on set criteria as defined by Hot Juice:

  • Customers must use the provided Affiliate link to click through to the Hot Juice website and add a qualifying Product to their shopping cart
  • Customers must complete their order and reach a confirmation page or receive an order placement email before the expiration of the Affiliate cookie
  • Merchandise must ship to customer

Commissions are made upon completion of above criteria. Referral dividends will be retracted or recalculated if customer returns, exchanges, or otherwise adjusts applicable order. Note: returns completed after commission has been paid out will affect outstanding dividend threshold. Returns may not constitute retraction of entire commission amount. However, there will be a recalculation of profit percentage and amount determined by customer’s final Product order.

E. Affiliate Purchasing

In addition to the Affiliate Review Program, Hot Juice encourages contractors to purchase Products for personal use. However, Affiliates MAY NOT purchase Hot Juice Products to be resold or repackaged. This includes the purchasing of Products through an Affiliate’s own links. Purchasing Hot Juice Products through an Affiliate’s own respective link will be cause for immediate termination of program.

F. Commission Payment Schedule

Payment of commission dividends will occur every 31 calendar days provided respective Affiliate reaches their earnings threshold. Commission threshold for monthly payment begins at $100.00 USD. If Affiliate is unable to reach their monthly threshold, payment will be withheld until this minimum is met. Threshold can be raised dependent upon Affiliate’s preferences. However, the threshold cannot, and will not ever be lowered. Payment of commissions meeting the monthly threshold requirement will be paid via PayPal unless earnings total over $5000.00 USD. Affiliate commissions over this amount will be paid by certified check or bank transfer.

Affiliate commissions are based on cookie duration and applicable routing of customer purchase. Hot Juice will honor referrals up to 60 days or until the corresponding cookie expires unless it is deleted prior either intentionally or unintentionally by customer or Affiliate. We are not responsible for cookies, Affiliate source code, or tracking origin being intentionally or inadvertently discarded by customer prior to finalizing a purchase.

Commission fees are based on the aforementioned qualification criteria and percentage will reflect final checkout charges applied to customer. In the case of Affiliate Program termination, all outstanding commissions, regardless of reaching threshold will be paid within the 31-day pay period. However, if Affiliates are unable to generate commission amounts over $10.00 USD, any applicable dividends shall be retained by Hot Juice and added to cumulative commissions until such time as the threshold minimum is met. If for any reason Affiliates enrollment in the program is terminated either by you or Hot Juice with a balance totaling a minimum $10.00 USD, all outstanding profits under that amount are forfeit by you and become property of Hot Juice.

If Affiliate Program account does not meet the minimum $100.00 USD monthly earnings threshold after a period of one year, the program is subject to review and may be terminated without prior notice. This applies to all Affiliates regardless of adjusted threshold.

Customers must be able to view Hot Juice website as intended by Hot Juice from mobile or desktop device. Purchase requests from older devices not optimized for current web navigation including but not limited to PDAs, older cell phones with internet access, or game consoles unable to converse, navigate or translate the Hot Juice web portal as intended are excluded from Affiliate commissions.

Affiliates who violate this Agreement are subject to immediate termination by Hot Juice and we reserve the right to charge back or disallow any and all applicable commissions.

G. Affiliate Samples for Purpose of Review

While enrolled in the Affiliate program may qualify for promotional samples of Hot Juice products for the purpose of review. In order the qualify, an Affiliate must meet the minimum requirements and criteria for the Review Program:

  • Affiliates must gross a minimum of $1000.00 US Dollars in a 31-day pay duration on Hot Juice Affiliate commissions
  • Must be an active, verified member of the Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Website must be operational and not under construction or subject to any outage or changes effecting functionality

H. Purchase Tracking Material and Code

Hot Juice will assign specific designations or coding corresponding to Affiliate. This designation will create corresponding commission tracking based on site of origin. Hot Juice is not responsible for tracking malfunction or shutdown due in part, but not limited to alteration of provided code or material, insufficiently implementing provided code or material, or adjustments made to code without prior instruction or permission by Hot Juice.

This includes any alteration or adjustments made for performance or site placement purposes. Hot Juice is not responsible for any changes to provided source material that in any way affects the way in which Affiliates receive commissions. Intentional tampering with source code or provided material for the purposes of defrauding, misleading, misusing, or otherwise repurposing Hot Juice Affiliate materials for any use other than they are intended with result in immediate termination of this program.

I. Purchase Processing and Fulfillment

All applicable orders shall be processed by Hot Juice upon referral from your site to ours. Customer orders may not qualify for processing due to adjusted site guidelines or requirements. As a result, Hot Juice may reject some referral orders from your website.

Consequent to referrals, Hot Juice assumes responsibility preparing and extrapolating information from order forms, processing customer payments, execution of cancellations, facilitation of returns and evaluate customer service requests relating to Hot Juice Products and ordering. Hot Juice will track purchases through our web portal that correspond to your Affiliate Program code. When a purchase is made, Affiliates will receive a notification detailing the amount processed as well as the corresponding commission. Composition, information provided, frequency of updates and order details are subject to change at the discretion of Hot Juice.

Referrals who make purchases through our web portal are automatically designated Hot Juice customers. As such, they are subject to company policies, operational bylaws, customer service and Product sales procedures as outlined in the Hot Juice customer terms and conditions. The applicable policies and processing procedures are subject to change at will. Similarly, availability of Hot Juice Products and applicable pricing may change as determined by us. As such, banners, graphics, price lists or other corresponding material or Content related to Hot Juice Products listing prices must reflect the possible shift. Hot Juice Products displayed with corresponding prices should include the phrase “subject to change”. While Hot Juice does do our best to remain reasonably up-to-date with pricing and availability, we are not responsible for guaranteed availability or stable pricing of our Products.

Hot Juice makes our best effort to bring customers the best e-juice available at highly competitive pricing. However, we reserve the right to:

Discontinue manufacture of a Hot Juice Product or line of Products resulting in loss of sales and/or commissions present and future. We are not responsible for loss of dividends or resulting profit due to the termination of applicable Products, their components or respectful additives and amounts.

Increase prices of any or all Products manufactured or sold by Hot Juice at any time. Affiliates are not eligible for any corresponding increases in commissions on aforementioned Products.

J. Cookie Implementation and Duration

Cookies, as defined in this document are files installed on customer computers for the purpose of customization of web appearance, Content and other material after they click on an Affiliate link or banner. In addition, this cookie will create the designation that the origin of this customer is unique to the respective Affiliate’s identifying cookie.

Eligibility for earned commissions are defined in part, but not limited to the duration of these cookies which shall not exceed 60 calendar days after a customer clicks on an Affiliate link unless the customer intentionally or unintentionally alters, deletes, clears, or otherwise overwrites the code, Content or detailed designations of the cookie at any time during the 60-day period. Hot Juice will not be held responsible for any cookie validity, duration or assignment intentionally or unintentionally deleted, expired, re-assigned due to customers following multiple Affiliate links or Hot Juice’s own website and internal or external marketing campaigns, and/or otherwise lost or erased by a customer.

K. Link Designations

Upon acceptance and confirmation into the Hot Juice Affiliate Program, we will provide you with temporary permissions to use branded marketing materials for the duration of enrollment in the Hot Juice Affiliate Program. These permissions can be rescinded at any time for any reason and your acceptance of these designations affirms that as an Affiliate you are not entitled to any exclusivity, royalties or other benefits not originating or generated through referrals or Affiliate links. For example, customers who have previously made purchases from Hot Juice, will continue to retain their Affiliate referral of origin regardless to subsequent purchases made as a result of clicking on a separate Affiliate link.

Specific customer identifiers are retained by original referring party, including instances in which the referring entity is Hot Juice itself. Any and all subsequent referrals to Hot Juice following the cancellation or termination of any Hot Juice Affiliate for any reason are retained solely as customers of Hot Juice and Affiliates are not entitled to, nor do they qualify for any revenue, dividends or commissions from these customers as a result of their purchases made through Affiliate links.

Hot Juice will provide Affiliates with a spectrum of link varieties including one or more of the following:

  • Product Links: Affiliates may choose one or more Products to endorse or advertise on your website. “Products” are defined as any commercially produced, manufactured or available item sold by Hot Juice that is delivered to customers either by us directly or on our behalf by another party or entity. Chosen Products may be displayed by using branded Content in text, graphic, or banner which has been created, manufactured, or otherwise fashioned and/or provided by Hot Juice. Product Links will have unique reference code built into them designating the Affiliate of origin in order to credit any resulting sale to you provided that they in no way violate any other part of this Agreement. Affiliates will assume sole responsibility of placement, Content and/or style of these referral materials and these Products may be added or removed by you at any time for any reason without prior notice or approval.
  • General Links to Hot Juice: Affiliates are permitted to display general links to the Hot Juice homepage or any valid, up-to-date, promotional or otherwise currently relevant site material previously published by Hot Juice.
  • Category Links: Affiliates are permitted to display general links to specified, genre, Product line, or taste index category web pages.
  • Campaign Related Links: Affiliates are permitted to post links to particular campaigns, promotions, seasonal Products, releases, coupons or sales.

 Affiliates agree and acknowledge the provision that in accepting participation in the Affiliate Program and utilization of these links on your website, Hot Juice may intentionally or unintentionally receive data about, from or otherwise regarding your visitors or users and/or transmitted materials between you and visitors to your website. Enrollment in the Affiliate Program provides Hot Juice with full authorization to access usage, storage, receipt and disclosureof any and all relevant or consistent data, consistent with the details, policies, procedures and protocol outlined in the Privacy Policyposted to the Hot Juice website.

Continued enrollment in the Hot Juice Affiliate Program is contingent upon you generating commissions above $10.00 USD within a 365-day period of acceptance. Affiliates unable to reach this commission minimum within the specified 365-day duration are subject to review and enrollment may be terminated from the Affiliate Program at the sole discretion of Hot Juice. Affiliates unable to meet these requirements must inform program account manager of any maintenance, construction, delay or temporary outage either caused intentionally or unintentionally which may result in inactivity or inability to function in order to receive temporary reprieve from these parameters. However, Affiliates approved for extension on their ability to meet minimum requirements are still subject to review under the discretion of Hot Juice and their enrollment in the Affiliate Program may be terminated at any time for any reason.

Affiliates are not entitled to any rights, licensing, association, partnership, endorsement or other direct professional relationship beyond this Agreement. Further, Affiliates are not entitled to any intellectual property held by Hot Juice which includes but is not limited to links, link code, link format, technical property including any and all programming or code materials, graphic or text Content, and proper or branded names including but not limited to Products, domains, and email addresses.

As part of the Affiliate Program you may be granted access to privileged information or advanced information of unreleased Products or developments prior to their release. This data may include, without limitation, Product names, ingredients, technical specifications, Product descriptions, professional licensing held by Hot Juice, Product designations and certifications and may be secured by password or any other protected login. Affiliates are not permitted to disclose any and or all information provided or shared with you by Hot Juice prior to its public release by us either to Affiliates or other specifically intended audience. As either an Affiliate or former Affiliate receiving advanced or proprietary information intended for a specified audience you are not permitted to disclose, share or otherwise publicize any of the aforementioned information by any means prior to its public release including but not limited to methods by social media, mailing list electronic or otherwise, website, public or private forums and discussion groups, or other transmittable method of disseminating information. Any Affiliate determined to the satisfaction of Hot Juice to act in violation of this confidentiality clause may be removed from the Affiliate Program immediately and additionally subject to legal action or recourse.

Participants in the Affiliate Program affirm and acknowledge that they are not permitted to in any way edit, modify, alter or adjust any and or all Content, marketing material or other unspecified property of Hot Juice in any way to affect the functionality of provided links, banners or relative materials that may discourage clicks and resulting sales nor offer for sale directly or indirectly any Hot Juice Products or Content. Affiliates are required to promptly remove or delete Hot Juice Content or Products which are no longer available, discontinued, or otherwise unavailable from our website.

As an active Affiliate of Hot Juice, you are permitted to implement images of products available on our website for the purposes of marketing on your website or portal including email marketing materials or campaigns. You as an Affiliate, affirm that you will not repurpose, augment, modify or otherwise edit these product images from the original and intended incarnation or form. Hot Juice material and content including without limitation, logos, copyright information, or watermarks incorporated into graphic or other content must not be removed, obscured or otherwise covered for any reason. Affiliates are permitted to attach their logo to this imagery, provided it is not larger in size than the Hot Juice logo and does not in any way cover, obscure or augment the product in the image. For example, but not limited to, adding an Affiliate logo anywhere on the product, it’s packaging or label is not permitted.

Per your enrollment in the Hot Juice Affiliate Program, you agree that we may at any time for any reason review your placement of product banners, links, or other marketing materials and require adjustments or modifications to placement provided with guidelines as to these augmentations.

Visitors to Affiliate websites are not to in any way be encouraged to click-through referral links using incentives such as rewards, points, prizes, cash including digital and crypto-currencies, raffles, lotteries, or other external encouragement without express permission and written approval from Hot Juice.

L. Affiliate Site Maintenance

Hot Juice is not responsible for any function, attribute, design, operation, cost, or aspect of Affiliate websites. Contracted websites are solely responsible for the operation of their own portal including maintenance and implementation. You, referred to as Affiliate, assume total responsibility for:

Upkeep, operation, and applicable Content, technology, code and function of Affiliate web operation

Linked Content including, but not limited to; Hot Juice Products and ingredients that route users to our web portal

Relevance, accuracy, propriety and applicable disclaimers, especially with regards to Hot Juice Product Content

Certifying that all Content appearing on your site does not in any way infringe or violate the applicable rights of outside entities. This includes, but is not limited to; legal copyright, intellectual property, privacy, trademarks, and/or any other personal or proprietary rights

Certifying that all Content appearing on your site does not in any way directly or indirectly violate any applicable laws including but not limited to committing, encouraging or promoting; libel, fraud or theft.

Certifying that your website does not allow, condone, or promote the manufacturer or sale of unlicensed Products

Certifying the data collected from site visitors is responsibly handled, and disclose usage of said information outlined in your privacy policy, or you accurately, honestly and sufficiently detail how you collect, store, use and share this data including, but not limited to the collection, retention and implementation of information by third parties or advertisers for the purpose of placing or recognizing cookies for sales or advertising purposes, and may allow for these web files to be implemented into user’s browsers.

Hot Juice assumes zero responsibility and liability for any of the above. By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to indemnify and exclude Hot Juice from any wrong doing or responsibility from any and all expenses, claims, damages, (including legal fees, retainers, and costs relating to litigation without limitation) relating to the Content, operation, development, and/or maintenance of your website and/or portal.

Hot Juice refers to our Affiliate Program as a program with purpose. We wholeheartedly believe that in a mutually beneficial professional affiliation each party shall be responsible for upholding their own respective business operations independent of entering into any Agreement, link exchange or commission program. As such, we understand at times Affiliates may host Content linked to or promoting other Products of competitors or other manufacturers

M. Affiliate Designation

Affiliates are not authorized in any way, for any reason to identify themselves as an agent, associate or direct dealer of Hot Juice. Misrepresentation of affiliation with Hot Juice for any reason will result in direct and immediate cancellation of Affiliate Program. In addition, Hot Juice reserves the right to revoke, charge back, or retain any and all commissions earned by Affiliates in breach of these terms and conditions.

N. Outside Linking

Contracted Affiliates are in no way permitted to implement links or provided Content and materials on any other platform other than intended by this Agreement. You may not use Hot Juice materials to promote, sell, amplify or otherwise draw traffic and sales back to your Affiliate page through external sites such as Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, Big Cartel or any other open source sales hosting site. Provided materials are to be expressly used by Affiliates on intended website and not used for any purpose outside of this Agreement.

O. Search Engine and Keyword Identification

Hot Juice retains all right exclusive and implied to our name, trademarks, copyrights, logos and other properties pertaining to search engine, keyword, and other pay-for-placement advertising. Upon acceptance to this program and identifying as a Hot Juice Affiliate Program member, you are not permitted to misrepresent yourself, company, website or extension thereof as an entity, agent or associate of Hot Juice in any search engine related, or pay-for-placement advertising for any or all purposes. Infringement upon this Agreement will constitute immediate termination from the Hot Juice Affiliate Program, at which point, we reserve the right to rescind, prevent the pay of, or charge back any and all earned commissions pending under the cancelled account of Affiliates in violation of this Agreement.

P. Spam Implementation

In order to qualify as an Affiliate, you must abide by, and comply to all legal procedures including federal, state, local or other entities which govern, protect, or otherwise outline marketing through email, social media, or other messaging portals, including the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and any other respective anti-spam or email related legislations. Any email delivered from your website making mention of, referring to, or linking to Hot Juice will result in immediate cancellation of Affiliate Program and may be subject to fines, legal fees, damages and/or sanctions resulting from violations of this Agreement, including, but not limited to any awarded settlements, monetary remunerations, reparations or retributions as determined by a court of law. You as an individual OR an Affiliate, may not post related or applicable advertising, links, Product information or provided material in any way regarding Hot Juice that violates the internally defined guidelines, bylaws and rules or conditions of any message board, discussion forum, newsgroup, chat room, or other unspecified form of open conversation online platform.

Q. Duration of Affiliate Agreement To Terms and Conditions

The duration of Affiliate’s Agreement to this legally binding document is to span the term of collaborative program, beginning with application to the program and ending with the exit of either party from professional affiliation. Either party may cancel this program and corresponding guidelines at any moment, for any reason specified through written notification of program cancellation. To confirm cancellation of this program, this written notification transmitted through electronic mail must be sent from the Affiliates corresponding email address attached to Affiliate account. In the event this contract is cancelled by either party for any specified reason, Affiliate will immediately discontinue possession, implementation, posting, hosting or displaying all Content links, trademarked material, Hot Juice logos, or other Content we determine to be in violation of this Agreement. Commission fees qualify for payment solely for the duration of this program. Cancellation of professional affiliation or violation or cancellation of this Agreement will constitute a forfeit of all future dividends not earned during the validity of this program. Commission profits up to the moment of cancellation of this Agreement are still eligible for payout on the condition that applicable orders are not subject to cancellation, returns or transaction adjustments. Due to possible unforeseen adjustments to outstanding orders, upon terminating the Affiliate Agreement, Hot Juice may withhold commission payments for a reasonable duration to guarantee accurate accounting for final payment.

R. Lifetime Commission Conditions

Commissions shall continue on referrals brought to Hot Juice to span the duration of the validity of this Agreement and program. Termination of this Agreement, program or program will constitute forfeiture of future dividends related to referrals related with this program. Lifetime commissions will continue through the duration of this Affiliate Program and recur with the ongoing purchases of referred customers until the Affiliate Program is terminated by either party for any reason including but not limited to violation or inability to maintain minimum operating requirements for program qualification.

S. Expansion, Adaptation or Adjustments of This Agreement

At any time, Hot juice may make adjustments, additions or changes to this Agreement and the terms and conditions therein. These changes may include but are not limited to the qualifications, amounts, duration, and threshold of applicable commissions, program parameters, payment delivery specifications including schedules of regular payouts. Affiliates unable or unwilling to meet the parameters or specifications of these ongoing additions or adjustments MUST cancel their enrollment in the program, continued program with Hot Juice through our Affiliate Program automatically binds you to these changes. Hot Juice is not responsible for any financial losses, costs, fees, legal or otherwise relating to these adjustments. Understanding and Agreement to these terms and conditions are solely the responsibility of the Affiliate and changes may take effect without prior notice to Affiliates.

T. Definition of Affiliation

As an “Affiliate” you understand that your actions and resulting compensation are as an independent contractor in no way directly related with Hot Juice or its subsidiaries. Enrollment in this program does not grant Affiliates status in any way as an agent, partner, cooperative, franchise, representative, associate or employee of Hot Juice. Affiliates are not entitled to any benefits of their affiliation with Hot Juice beyond those defined in the Affiliate Program and are bound by applicable conduct specifications outlined in this Agreement.

U. Limited Liability Statement

Hot Juice will not be responsible for any unAffiliated, indirect, consequential, special or circumstantial resulting losses of Content, profit, revenue, dividends, or data with any and all relation to these Terms and Conditions or the Affiliate Program, irrespective of whether Hot Juice had been transmitted any prior knowledge to the possibility of their occurrence or result.

V. Disclaimers

Hot Juice may enlist or implement the services or facilities of third-party providers, vendors, hosts, programs or other unspecified entities to govern and implement the Affiliate Program. Although we make a considerate effort to protect and preserve Affiliate data through our own record keeping independent of third-party contractors, Hot Juice is protected from, absolved and otherwise not liable for any, and/or all damages, costs, claims, injuries, or expenses of any kind including but not limited to all fees relating to litigation as a result, actual or alleged, from server errors due to technical failure, operating equipment, and any applicable back-up systems or information retention devices, service outages including ISP fault or mismanagement, electronic or electrical concerns relating to equipment or other unspecified issue,  equipment failure, security breaches, hacking or infiltration of any kind, labor dispute, work stoppage or strike, unusually severe weather, earthquake, flood, fire, explosion, insurrection, riot, civil disturbance, labor or material shortages, terrorist acts, war, or transportation and delivery problems, delays, losses or other issues related to logistics, or transportation interruption of any kind including those due to other conditions listed here.

Hot Juice provides no warranties, guarantees or claims of any kind express or implied as to the Affiliate Program and any, and or all related Products sold through this contract. This may include, but is not limited to warranties to the performance, quality, trade usage, fitness, warranty of merchantability, warranty of fitness, or non-infringement of any kind. Hot Juice makes no claims as to the uninterrupted service of our site or the relevance, quality control, accuracy, or the continuous operation of our site and its functions.  Hot Juice accepts no responsibility for any consequence known or unknown resulting from any loss of outage of any kind or inaccurate data.

W. Contractual Verification of This Agreement

You affirm that you have read, understand and agree to all statements therein. You acknowledge that Hot Juice may approach referred customers under terms outside of this contract and/or may operate businesses, web portals, web sites, and sales entities in direct competition with your website. Agreement to this document demonstrates an understanding that you sufficiently possess no expectation of guarantee, affiliation, association, or statement outside of those mentioned in this document and have done your due diligence with respect to personal assessment of the benefits of enrollment in the Affiliate Program. In accepting these terms and conditions, you the Affiliate, accept fully and entirely the Contents of this Agreement.

X. Program Termination

Hot Juice may choose to cancel your enrollment in the Affiliate Program at any time for any reason. Written notification of cancellation will be transmitted by e-mail and take effect immediately. We are not liable in any way if, for any reason an Affiliate does not, or is unable to receive this notice for any reason. Cancellation of Affiliate Program by either party may or may not result in termination of unsatisfied commissions and associated dividends. Pending commissions unaffected by the termination will be fulfilled within 31 days following the end of the month in which the Affiliate Program cancellation occurred allowing that all orders have been shipped to customers and not subject to adjustments, cancellations, returns or recalculation due to customer experience. You the Affiliate, agree to forfeit commission balances below $10.00 USD at time of termination following the shipping of all Products. Final balance of commissions will be directly reflected by cancellations, adjustments, returns and exchanges and all relative transaction amounts. Hot Juice may at any time prevent, retain, charge back or rescind all relative commissions, dividends or profits from an Affiliate in violation of these terms and conditions, or if Hot Juice determines any misuse committed by an Affiliate which in any way breaks this Agreement.

Y. Governance and Enforcement

This Agreement will be enforced and governed by the United States and the State of California regardless of interpretation of specific laws and choice of ruling upon applicable laws. This document is not to be repurposed, implemented or used to enforce or empower for, or by any entity, through operation of law or any unspecified purpose or use without express written consent prior. Under this stipulation, this Agreement is binding upon, and inures the benefit of, the parties and their respective permitted successors and assigns. Any failure by Hot Juice to enforce the guidelines, standards and provisions detailed in this binding document does not, and will not signify or constitute a resignation or waiver of our right to pursue and subsequently enforce any tenet, statute, or respective qualification or misuse of any provision contained within this Agreement and its relative interpretation as determined by Hot Juice.

Any questions about these Terms and Conditions should be directed to