What are the requirements to join the Hot Juice Affiliate Program?

  • Have a valid, registered, genuine website (cannot be under construction or offline)
  • Website must host Content, cannot be a list of links or external Content
  • A working, confirmed email address
  • Agree to and adhere to the Hot Juice Affiliate Program Operating Agreement.

Just a quick note for anyone part of a cbd oil affiliate program. We welcome you to join our team also, we truly believe that while the oil market is doing fantastic on its own, vaping CBD will rapidly earn growth and you have a chance to get in now while we're still on the ground floor.

I operate a website outside of the United States, am I still eligible to become a Hot Juice Affiliate?

Of course you are! Hot Juice may be based in the United States, however our Affiliates are scattered throughout the globe. We are able to sell and ship our products worldwide so it is not necessary for Affiliates to be domestically located or headquartered. All commissions will be paid in US Dollars without exception and Affiliates will receive a standard 1099 as independent contractors for tax purposes.

Are there limits or rules to implementing my Hot Juice Affiliate material?

Affiliates are permitted to display provided Hot Juice marketing material on your website or other approved outlets including emails provided it does not violate the guidelines of the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions or Hot Juice Privacy Policy. Excluded websites include but aren’t limited to those which host explicit, discriminatory, hateful, malicious, illegal or otherwise inappropriate content.

How much is the Hot Juice Affiliate Commission rate?

Hot Juice pays the highest commissions on vape juice sales industry wide. Members of the Affiliate Program will earn 40% of all sales referred to our website that result in a sale. Commission totals are a reflection of actual purchases including the application of shipping costs, sales tax, coupons, discounts, promotions and gift cards. Final payouts will be affected by returns, exchanges or cancellations of orders.

How often do Affiliates get paid for their commissions?

As long as you make the monthly minimum earning threshold of $100.00 USD, Affiliates are paid 31 days from the end of the billing month for finalized commissions. Commissions are considered finalized once all refunds, cancellations, exchanges and returns have been made. Affiliates are paid for all commissions finalized by the end of the month billing period. If you don’t earn the monthly threshold, your earnings will roll over to the next pay period until it is met. Once the threshold is met, Affiliates will be paid 31 days from the end of that billing month. So please keep in mind, your commissions paid will always be one month behind.

How do Affiliates receive payment?

All members of the affiliate program are paid through PayPal, Bank Wire or Company Issues Checks.

Can I earn commissions for personal purchases?

While we’re happy you enjoy our products, sadly you aren’t eligible to earn any commissions on your personal orders. However, Affiliates with high standing in the program may be offered discounts and free samples.

What kind of discount do Affiliates receive?

All active Affiliates who maintain sales commissions over $500.00 US Dollars for a 31-day pay duration are eligible for a 25% discount on all orders totaling over $25.00 US Dollars. Discounted purchases are not to exceed $100.00 US Dollars per month.

How do I receive samples for review?

Affiliates in good standing may be eligible for sample products for the purpose of review. To qualify, Affiliates must gross a minimum of $1000.00 US Dollars in a 31-day pay duration.

How does Hot Juice track Affiliate sales and commissions?

Hot Juice provides Affiliates with marketing materials, banners and links with code written into them. This code acts as a unique identifier for each Affiliate ensuring that each user who clicks on them from your website will be linked to your web portal as the point of origin. We do this by implementing cookies which personalize the user experience of customers who click on Affiliate materials as well as tracking their purchases.

Hot Juice cookies have a 90-day duration before expiring, at which time they will no longer be eligible for earning commissions for your site unless they click one of your specifically tailored Affiliate links again and make a purchase. Credited referrals go to commissions earned before the Affiliate cookie expires. However, once a customer makes a purchase with an Affiliate’s cookie imprint, they remain a commission source of that referral for life.

How Long is my Cook Retention?

Cookes expire in 90 days

So how long do I receive commissions on referred customers?

A lifetime! Customers who make an initial purchase under a specific Affiliate’s unique cookie imprint remain linked to them as long as that Affiliate is enrolled in the program. As long as that customer continues to make purchases from Hot Juice, the referring affiliate will receive commissions on those purchases. Hot Juice maintains customer status as a referred purchaser through your imprint in our database.

How much does it cost to become a Hot Juice Affiliate?

Nothing! The Hot Juice Affiliate Program is completely free to sign up and join. This includes provided marketing resources, banners and links used to refer customers.

How much do Affiliates get paid for leads or referred links?

Unfortunately, Hot Juice does not pay for referrals or links that do not lead to a completed referral sale. All referred purchases must qualify as finalized purchases which aren’t cancelled, refunded or returned in order to qualify for a commission earning.

What Qualifications do I need to be eligible for the Hot Juice Affiliate Program?

Further criteria are outlined in the Hot Juice Terms and Conditions, but there are a few simple requirements you must meet in order to be eligible as an Affiliate:

You must maintain an active, working website which is not under construction, unfinished, or otherwise inoperable or non-functioning

Affiliate websites must host actual content, they do NOT qualify if they are simply a host to lists including links or a conduit for referring links alone

My application for the Hot Juice Affiliate Program was rejected, is there a reason?

Hot Juice has a code of conduct and qualifications outlined in our Terms and Conditionsof websites with content that makes it ineligible for the Affiliate Program. Specifically, some examples of websites with content that do NOT qualify are as follows:

  • Websites which host or display pornographic or sexually explicit images or Content pages
  • Sites with violent, disturbing or gratuitously gruesome images or Content
  • Any website hosting, displaying or encouraging discriminatory or inflammatory content aimed at a particular gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, nationality, or physical appearance.
  • Websites encouraging or condoning any illegal activity
  • Web Content violating copyright law, personal or intellectual property rights either in hosted or linked Content
  • Implementing any existing or unreleased program, software, or application which prevents, blocks, redirects, substitutes, interferes or alters the click through statistics, abilities, function or other site traffic driven, fed, and referred transaction is strictly prohibited and will constitute termination of Affiliate Program
  • Hot Juice rejected my application to the Affiliate Program, can I reapply?

If Hot Juice did not accept your website as an Affiliate and you feel we made this decision in error, you may reapply. You must be legally eligible to join the Affiliate Program. To cite an example of this; minors under the legal required age to sell Hot Juice products, are unable to participate in the Affiliate Program.

You can learn more about the program here: Hot Juice Launches Its CBD Affiliate Program — Highest Paid Commissions

For any further questions regarding the Hot Juice Affiliate program contact affiliates@hotjuice.com.