Hot Juice has a zero-tolerance policy regarding affiliates attempting to rank for coupon related search terms relating to the Hot Juice brands. This also applies to anyone who is a Hot Juice cbd affiliate marketer. Coupon code related affiliate pages, posts, blogs, videos or ads not provided to affiliates with special permission by the Hot Juice brand targeted at monopolizing coupon related keywords or terms are not permitted for use to promote the Hot Juice brand or company with the intention of improving conversions.

Though we may at times provide members of the Hot Juice Affiliate Program with promotional materials, coupon codes, promotions or discounts, these are to be used singularly in the manner in which they were intended and not permitted for use to be “parked” at a dedicated landing page cannibalizing Hot Juice coupon related terminology with the intention of redirecting customer traffic to another website or affiliate. This includes using a third-party host or website as a secondary conduit to drive affiliate traffic to bolster commissions.

Terms For Hot Juice Affiliate Program Coupon Keyword Policy

Attempting to rank in results of any search engine for “Hot Juice Coupon code” or similar intention keywords including but not limited to (Hot Juice coupons/coupon codes/promo codes/discount codes/deals) for the purpose of receiving commissions for resulting converted sales will be treated as noncompliance with the Hot Juice Affiliate Terms and Conditions and may result in the forfeiture of all pending and/or previously approved commissions resulting from those marketing efforts and your affiliate account being suspended and/or terminated.

By enrolling in the Hot Juice Affiliate Program, you are acknowledging that you agree to and will adhere to these conditions in order to maintain your eligibility for affiliate commissions.

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