The Hot Juice team is made up of vaping enthusiasts and e liquid connoisseurs from a broad demographic of experience and specialty. We assembled the Hot Juice crew from industry veterans, vape juice gourmets, DIY vapor techs, and anti-smoking advocates passionate about vaping. Together we collaborate to create precise, outstanding ejuice that will inspire all users to keep vaping and foster our smoke-free lifestyle and community.

Our Hot Juice Laboratories are housed in a clean, safe, secure, internally regulated facility on site at our California headquarters. Our eliquid artisans take great care and precaution to bring you a pure, unadulterated, contaminant-free vapor product with integrity worthy of our customers’ trust. Hot Juice applies our passion for the finest e juice flavors directly to our manufacturing process.

Who Is Hot Juice?

If we loved food as much as we love vaping, we would have opened a restaurant. In fact, we refer to our e-liquid line as a “menu” because we think of ourselves as juice chefs and vape gourmets, or as we have taking to calling it, vapicureans. Our reason for starting Hot Juice was a desire to pursue what we love while putting our creative passions to work for the vape community.

Our desire to offer premium vape juice products is reflected in our standards for creating quality vape liquids we would be as comfortable offering our own families as we would our patrons. As a result, the Hot Juice team diligently labors bring our luxury e-juices to the world with at a reasonable price.  Your taste preferences may change, but one thing you can count on, is the quality you exhale with every puff of Hot Juice.

Hot Juice Offers The Largest Selection of Flavored Ejuice

  • We offer over 60 flavors in 9 categories giving you an awesome selection to choose from (Fruity, Tobacco, Menthol, Dessert, Candy flavored eliquids)
  • We will roll out close to 365 new Vape Juice Flavors within the next 12 months.
  • Our flavors can be selected in either high PG or high VG to satisfy your mixture preference.
  • Our staff takes pride in providing you Kosher Certified, Gluten Free and Non-GMO ingredients with all of our flavored eliquid.
  • Our laboratory handles each order with care to guarantee each customer's specific selection is met with precision and shipped in a timely manner
  • We only uses In-House customer services representatives working from our offices in Los Angeles, CA

Manufacturing only the Best CBD Vape Juice

  • We are one of the few companies in the industry who offers 99.9% pure CBD vape juice in 12 different flavors.
  • All Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice is Lab Tested
  • We offer a very unique, interactive CBD milligram chart on each product page so you know exactly how much CBD you are going to receive in each bottle you purchase from us.
  • Our In-House chemists have over 12 years experience in the Vaping Industry ensuring the safety of the public trust.
  • Our bottles for CBD Vape Juice are specially designed to make sure you don’t lose a drop of CBD and make sure you can fill your vaping device easily and effortlessly.
  • We plan to roll out over 100 new flavors of CBD Vape Juice in the next 12 months.
  • We are cleared to ship our CBD Products legally in all 50 American states.