Hot Juice — America's Favorite Vape Juice
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  • Gluten Free Vape Juice
  • All Non-GMO Based Liquid Ingredients
  • Kosher Certified e-Liquids

Welcome To Hot Juice — America's Favorite Vape Juice

Congratulations on making Hot Juice your source for the best American-made vape juice available. Using proprietary formulas designed to deliver lavish flavors, we have reinvented the way you taste your vape from the ground up. Our products are created with the desire to offer you the apex of flavor combined in a handcrafted ejuice vapor.

From the Hot Juice laboratory in Southern California, we infuse our e liquid with the highest quality ingredients composed of locally sourced extracts and concentrates. Our safe, secure and responsible manufacturing practices ensure that you receive the best vape product available. Hot Juice isn’t simply a product made for better vaping. It’s made for vapers by other members of the vaping community who know what it takes to build a better e juice.

The goal of Hot Juice wasn’t just to be another e-juicery, our goal is to offer the world superior vape juice and CBD vape juice with flavor components that do more than just hint at familiar taste combinations, it recreates them. We build varieties of flavored vape juice that create instant nostalgia while satisfying our desires for sweet, subtle or aromatic flavors at a higher intensity than the rest of the eliquid industry.

We traveled the country from vape shops to manufacturing facilities trying to determine what set each e-juice apart. What we found was an opportunity to provide the vaping community with a product that not only satisfied throat and lung hits with captivating clouds, but finished each tasty puff with superior streams of savory vapor. Hot Juice flavors are engineered to take vapers back to a moment in time, to transport them to a blissful moment with every breath of our e-liquid.

Each handcrafted premium e juice is a banquet of precise flavor to be savored one vape at a time. Hot Juice taste technicians sampled hundreds of vape liquids to calculate the most effective characteristics of what made an outstanding product. As a result, we cultivated the cumulative results into a line of astoundingly enticing varieties that represent the apex of vape research.

Where to Find Hot Juice

Regardless of where you vape, it is our goal to get the best quality e cig juice flavors directly to you when you need them. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our products but the ability to get them to you in a timely, expedient time frame to ensure you’re never without your favorite ejuice flavors. While we know you can run out and buy a bottle of flavored e liquid at a nearby vape shop, we never want our customers to feel like they have to compromise.

We know vapers who use our products have a seemingly infinite amount of flavored e-juice options, and we appreciate that they choose Hot Juice. Our customers know that our vaping liquid offers them a great deal more than fancy packaging and a clever name. For this reason, it’s important to us they always have what they want, when they want it.

As a result, Hot Juice specializes in online ordering rushed directly to your door. Our vape juices are 100% made in the U.S.A. and that includes all of our ingredients. As soon as they’re bottled and packaged in our west coast facility, we do our best to get Hot Juice on its way to your door.

Taste the Hot Juice Difference

Our operation is vertically integrated, every stage of processing, packaging and shipping our flavored e liquids happens on our premises under intense scrutiny and supervision. It’s important to us that you understand that every order, regardless of size, whether it’s your first order or your fiftieth, endeavors to provide you with the highest caliber e-liquid at an affordable price. Hot Juice is primarily focused on serving the vaping community precisely what they want in an e juice product, because at our core, we’re vapers too.

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